Hailing from the hallowed streets of electronic music’s capital city Berlin, rising house music star LOVRA is being tipped for the top by those in the know. Handpicked by David Guetta as a resident for his BIG event in Ushuaia over both the 2018 and 2019 seasons AND the official opening act for his 2019 World Tour, plus a global resident for iconic brand Ministry of Sound, LOVRA’s star has been rapidly on the ascent.

With her new track ‘Spinnin’ catching a ton of attention from music media and playlisters everywhere, we thought it was about time we pinned the German talent down to find out what makes her tick, how she’s been coping during lockdown, and what she has planned now the world is starting to open up again…


RM: Hi LOVRA, welcome to Raver Mag. Where are you today and what are you up to? 

LOVRA: Hello, thanks for having me! 🙂 I am in Berlin at the moment and just came back from Frankfurt/Main where I spent the whole last week in songwriting sessions. 

RM: First up, of course, is the question we’re all asking of late – how have you been coping with everything that’s happened over the last year and a half? 

LOVRA: It’s been a crazy year, very tough but it did give me time to really concentrate on my music. Of course, like all my other colleagues, the rug was pulled out from under me. We all felt very much the same way. I was non stop in the music studio writing new songs, doing live streams from time to time and just trying to stay very close to my community. I have also been painting a lot, doing sports and working on my own podcast. It was a very hard time for me, but I’m really looking forward to playing the first shows again and finally connecting with my ‘Lovrs’ again. 

RM: Did Covid directly affect your career plans? Do you think it will be easy to pick up where you left off? 

LOVRA: It has hit all of us, and so we will all start together again. I have done my best in the Corona time to move forward and progress but of course I am already very excited for when tour life starts again!

RM: If Covid hadn’t happened, what tour plans did you have for 2020? You’d already been picked up by David Guetta for his BIG party at Ushuaia, and you’re a global resident for Ministry of Sound, so you must have had some big dates coming up? 

LOVRA: It would have been a very big and successful year for me. A lot of great festivals and club shows were planned. But postponed is not canceled, so I’m looking forward to the next months and a lot of catching up. I can’t wait to connect with people again and to show my music live. I have missed it immensely! 

RM: You have a new single out on Sony Music called ‘Spinnin’. Can you tell us more about the track? 

LOVRA: The emotional theme of the song appealed to me immediately. I know that confusing feeling of an intoxicating relationship very well. Sometimes you just get caught in a loop, make the same mistakes over and over again and don’t seem to learn from them. You are so attracted to one person that you keep coming back to them. This constant back and forth can also be an exhilarating feeling in parts. It’sthe combination of a melancholic theme and the positive vibe that the song gives off, that I like most about the song. That’s how it is in life; even if you don’t always get what you want, there is always something positive.

RM: What was it like working with Justin Jesso? Did he write the lyrics or did you? 

LOVRA: Justin Jesso and I met in Ibiza at Ushuaia in 2018. I played a show in front of David Guetta back then and we got to talking after the show and got along great. Since then we’ve stayed in touch a lot. Even back then we wanted to do a collaboration together and I am super happy that it has now worked out with my new single ‘Spinnin’. He lives in California and I live in Berlin so we worked via Zoom Sessions together. 

RM: We listened to your LOVTAPES this week, the energy you put in the mix is insane! We noticed there are a lot of samples from much older records and you also have a lot of garage-style rhythms there too. What is it about those genres that you like to use in the mix? 

LOVRA: Thank you, glad you like my mixes! :-) I have always loved to combine old and new. I like the tension that builds up. This kind of music just makes me happy and makes me forget everything around me. This is exactly the feeling I want to convey with my LOV tapes or live sets to people. I want to connect people, give lightness and just have a good time. I want us to create unforgettable memories together. With my music I only associate good times and lots of smiley faces.

We all love new bangers and goldies from the 90s and 00s. I feel drawn to both worlds and want to transport and connect that. When I listen to it ,it feels like I’m on another level and that’s exactly the journey I want to take my ‘Lovrs’ on.

RM: Which do you prefer, producing music or DJing (and why)?

LOVRA: I like both sides very much. On the one hand producing, because I can create my own music and share it with the world. And also I know exactly what will fit well in my sets.

On the other hand, of course, the DJing. I live and love to be on stage and connect with the people. To feel the music and to grab the emotions – all that is my drug. 

It’s not just a job for me, it’s my pure passion! I am grateful every day that I have the chance to be creative, to create and to share it with the world and I absolutely enjoy it to the fullest. 

RM: If you could make a tune with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

LOVRA: This is really a very difficult question, because there are endless talented and wonderful artists. I can’t choose only one person, that is impossible haha!

But if I had to pick someone from the past, it would be either Michael Jackson, 2Pac or Notorious BIG. Michael Jackson was my first record and has always been with me. He had the groove and the absolute passion for music that you hear in every second of his songs. The groove is also one of the most important things in music for me. 

2pac and Notorious BIG also influenced my teenage years, which you can hear today in my LOV tapes or live shows. I like to mix new tunes with old hip hop samples. 

And nowadays I would love to work with Jess Glynn or Raye. These two power women have simply stunning voices and would also fit well to my music. 

RM: If you could play a DJ set anywhere in the world (it doesn’t have to be a club or a festival, it could be a super cool location) – where would you choose and why? 

LOVRA: That’s a tough question… maybe Grand Canyon or on the beach of the Maldives. There are so many beautiful locations on this planet, it’s really very hard to choose one place.