Revered for her explosive live sets and unique take on psychedelic bass music, WAKAAN signee Lucii returns to center stage with her acoustic rendition of “Neptune.” The original track, which was the Orlando-based producer’s debut single with WAKAAN, is a thunder-saturated triumph with daring transitions and interstellar drops. The well-received single was a testament to her innovative style, further solidifying her as an exciting act to watch in 2019. While her existing catalog is an extraterrestrial journey through trippy soundscapes and freeform bass cadences, this acoustic offering of “Neptune” proves that Lucii can’t be typecast into any one genre. This raw, bare-bones cut invites listeners to explore the lyrical content of the original with a warm, indie-like embrace. Her charming vocals dance around unadulterated guitar plucks, crafting an honest musical outline defined by her artistic risktaking. Stream “Neptune,” acoustic and electronic, today.

“This track means so much to me. At the time I wrote the original, I was feeling very alone and was in a dark place. The track came out and exceeded my expectations, in fact, it’s actually my most well-known track! Even though I live in the electronic world, I appreciate many different kinds of music. I’ve started many of my tracks sitting in my bedroom strumming an acoustic guitar and singing. I’ve been writing songs that way since I was 12, but have always been shy and never wanted to let anyone hear that raw side of my music. I randomly got some inspiration and posted a video on Instagram of me playing ’Neptune’ on my guitar. I received an overwhelmingly positive response by being honest and open and taking a risk. My management asked me about re-releasing the track as an acoustic version which I was still unsure on. I thought about it and decided that I wanted the world to see a different side of Lucii – so we decided to release the track. It’s something I never thought I would do, as it’s always been an escape from reality. If you take away anything from reading this or the track I hope it’s this – You can do anything. We all have fears, we aren’t perfect, we are flawed and that’s ok. It’s what you do with those feelings and how you cope. This is my way and why I’m positive not everyone will like it, I’m also very excited to share with those who do” – Lucii