Lucille Croft Presents Debut Body of Work ‘Patient X’

    BAD WOLF HQ is declaring an official state of emergency due to the imminent arrival of Lucille Croft’s post-human form, PATIENT X. What originally began as a project full of ‘promise and possibilities’ – has spiraled out of control and fans worldwide are strongly urged to prepare themselves for a new era of unbridled creativity and mind-bending artistry. In a recent radio transmission from BAD WOLF HQ, Patient X left the below message:

    “I was once human, like you. I was under their control, the harder I fought, the worse it got. Every word I spoke, every step I took, all of it, was preordained. I was molded, twisted, shaped, into ‘their’ version of the perfect human, the perfect artist, the perfect woman.

    They offer you the future, peace, happiness. What they’re really offering is the removal of your humanity, loss of control. They wanted me to be compliant, obedient, they thought this was their solution to deal with me.

    But they didn’t realize what they’d done, until it was too late. They’ve removed my humanity, but gave me so much more. Power beyond imagination. They thought they could control me, but now, I have the power. And now.. I’m out for blood.”

    Having evolved from a biological state, PATIENT X feels no emotion and her intentions are clear; she intends to weave a path of pleasure and destruction like never seen, felt, or heard before. Classified as dark electronic and containing numerous influences from her previously human form, PATIENT X is a dangerous amalgamation of artistic influences that fuses the most explosive elements of the electronic and industrial genres, cutting edge visuals incorporating high-fashion creative and design, and subtle nods to the expansive worlds of science-fiction and gaming. Subject is considered dangerously unpredictable and uncontrollable – approach with extreme caution.

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