Just over a year after his debut studio album Felicity, Montréal’s ascending electronica act Hologramme is closing this chapter with a brand new remix EP titled ‘Geist Im Glas’. Geist Im Glas (or Ghost in a Glass in german) is a dreamlike dance anthology comprised of renditions by some of the premier DJ’s and producers out of France and Montréal.  Featuring remixes by FakearLuniceMoses BélangeRobert Robert and Ouri, ‘Geist Im Glas’ is available Friday, December 11th by way of Hologramme’s own imprint Société Holographique de Montréal.

The concept behind ‘Geist Im Glas’ was to capture other artist’s interpretation of the essence of Felicity (2019).  By encouraging thoughtful collaboration and exchange between producers, Hologramme intended to forge new connections and slowly foster a community of likeminded musicians.

The record starts with Montreal’s electronic legend Lunice on remix duties for “Berlin”.  Well known for his work with MadonnaAleazia Banks and Hudson Mohawk, the two artists met while performing live sessions at Mural Festival last summer and their creative synergies paved the way for Lunice’s contribution. French producer Fakear is a staple of electronic music, with his creative reputation needing no introduction and accolades inclusive of milestone performances with event creatives Cercle amassing over 5 million streams to date. His remix of the albums title track “Felicity” was born on tour in Europe where Hologramme accompanied Montréal indie artist Geoffroy.  Also offering her own unique take on “Felicity” we see Ouri, the Montreal beatmaker who has not ceased to attract attention since her humble beginnings. “Bon Voyage” is remixed by Robert Robert, an old time friend and collaborator, and Moses Bélanger remixed the dark and moody “Nocturne” with a master’s touch. 

Hologramme is the manifestation of Clément Leduc’s musical metamorphosis.  Having built the foundation of his career on the production of music for others, Clément embarked on an inspirational excursion to electronic music’s creative capitol, Berlin.  While abroad Clément committed himself to the studio and reinvented himself, emerging with his debut album Felicity in hand.  Closing the chapter started with the album through thoughtful collaboration and the theme of friendship, sharing and fraternity – we see the saga that was Felicity end.

Hologramme – Felicity [LP] (2019) 

Since the albums release, Hologramme has continued to evolve. 2020 brought the arrival of the years first single “Alaska” with the bright and buoyant “Préface (Printemps)” having made its way to listeners this past Summer.  Both releases came alongside entrancing visual accompaniments in collaboration with Baillat Studio. For ‘Geist Im Glas’ Jean-Sébastien Baillat, the artist behind all visuals for Hologramme, experimented with the construction of the artwork and set the stage for what’s coming next for Hologramme’s visual identity in 2021.

Hologramme – “Préface (Printemps)” [SINGLE] (2020)

Comprised of elements that transcend the constructs of defined genres, Hologramme has demonstrated the ability to smoothly glide across deep house, downtempo, break-beat and ambient inspired soundscapes with finesse, exuding the epitome of raw, yet refined, talent. Having been prolifically productive during 2020’s  unforeseen constraints, Hologramme is set to announce a new video accompanied single to be released on January 15.
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