Madeaux Drops Chilling Single “Something Real”

    A creative powerhouse beaming with talent, Miami’s own Madeaux returns with a jaw-dropping new single “Something Real.” While the ever-evolving artist is known to create deep electronic cuts for late-night dancefloors and sinful indulgence, Madeaux is a visionary with profound intellectual depth. Madeaux creates music for hedonism but equally to reflect the full spectrum of human emotion and how it intersects with both visual design and sound.

    Back with the lead single to his impending Near Life Experience out via Limbo Records, Madeaux’s “Something Real” is a marriage between minimalist house and alternative punk-rock. The track boasts a brooding disposition due in part to his throaty vocals and sexy, slow-burning cadence. Despite its barebones nature, “Something Real” is deeply affecting and wholly immersive. A sophisticated triumph refined with a vogue-like energy, “Something Real” is the genesis of Near Life Experience.

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