Manila Killa Digs Deep in “Dark Places” feat. Kwesi

    After a busy year of virtual dj-sets, a/v collaborations, and highly-anticipated live shows, Manila Killa returns to the limelight with retrospective new single “Dark Places.” A soulful collaboration with singer songwriter Kwesi, “Dark Places” is a reminder not to dwell in the past, but to look forward to what the future has in store, out now via Moving Castle

    “Dark Places marks the beginning of a new perspective on how I view the world alongside music. Feelings of nostalgia have overcome many of us, including me in the past two years and I wanted to explore that realm through this song. After hearing the initial vocal demo, I immediately knew that I wanted to draw inspiration from brooding, moody and dark influences and Kwesi’s haunting voice and lyrics offer a glimpse of hope that I molded the instrumental production around.” – Manila Killa

    Assembling a hypnotic safehaven from evocative words and auspicious energy, “Dark Places” faultlessly exhibits both artists’ fortes. Refusing to confine himself to one specific sound, Manilla Killa is continuously experimenting with his indie-electronic take on music composition. The LA-based producers’ clean percussive elements reverberate alongside Kwesi’s euphonious croons, penetrating both the ears and the hearts of listeners. Navigating the desolate ocean of human emotion, “Dark Places” discovers a new chapter for the melodic mainstay. 

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