Markus Schulz makes his way into NYC

by Michael Beas


German-American Trance Music Producer and DJ Markus Schulz makes his way into NYC to perform at the legendary Schimanski nightclub  this Saturday, December 2, 2017, 10:00 PM.

Markus is best known for his weekly radio show titled Global DJ Broadcast that airs on Digitally Imported  radio, After Hours FM and other online stations.  He is also the owner and founder of  Coldharbour Recordings.
For all you trance lovers in NYC on December 8th Markus is planning a massive release of his third album under his infamous alias Dakota titled ‘The Nine Skies‘
While it will be a week before the release of his Dakota Album I am positive that Markus will paint us a musical masterpiece and will drop some snippets of what is soon to follow. Deep, Dark and Moving is what I am expecting to catch this Saturday at Schimanski’s a venue that is truly bringing some of the best talent in the world of dance. The visuals and the low underground vibe coupled with a breathtaking production by Markus is going to make this Saturday unforgettable – Don’t Miss It Party People.
Get your tickets today here before they sellout.
Schimanski54 North 11th StreetBrooklyn, NY, 11249United States