Markus Schulz has for more than 10 years pioneered and forged the worlds of Progressive, Trance and House music into an array of sonic perfection. With cutting edge sounds that are always fresh, always unique to the U.S. EDM revolution, his drive to create profound music resonates out of the speakers and deep into our dance culture. As a creative artist, Markus’s passion for songwriting is once again about to be unveiled to the world. His new album, which is soon to be released, has 17 tracks, of which 14 are filled with prolific lyrics and masterful songwriting that will take us all on a very special musical journey. Headlining DJ sets across the globe, working on Coldharbour label releases and chairing the weekly Global DJ Broadcast radio show are just part of daily life for Markus. Nothing fazes him and those with creativity are always welcome at his table. There is no doubt that Markus Schulz will be around for the next 20 years. Raver Magazine had an opportunity to catch up with Markus Schulz for an exclusive interview in Charlotte. Here is what he has to say…   ravermag_markusschulz_1 Raver Mag. You’re a man of many talents. The host of Global DJ Broadcast, owner of Coldharbour Recordings and one-half of New World Punx, not to mention the fact that you’re also an International Rockstar that tours and plays on main stages and venues across the globe. How do you manage to keep everything fresh and current week after week? Markus Schulz: It’s funny, when you look at it from the outside it looks like a lot, but really its day-to-day life. I mean you wake up in the morning and you work on music; you wake up in the morning you work on the radio show; you wake up in the morning you go to the studio and have meetings. Every day there is something new to work on. Like I said, from the outside, it may seem like a lot of work, but its really everyday life for me. Musically, when you do something that you’re passionate about, you can go on forever. It’s in your blood. There are a lot of people these days chasing a certain sound, but they are not really passionate about it. I’ve met a lot of really big people that have told me that they are going to be in it for 3 or 4 years and then they are out of the game. But for me, I have always planned on being in this industry. I’ll be around doing this for another 10 to 20 years. This is my life and this is what I love to do. Raver Mag. There are so many festivals debuting and sprouting up across the world. It has to be almost impossible at times to pick the best ones to showcase your artistic talents. What are a few of the festivals that you have played in the past that have created some of the best memories for you as an artist? Markus Schulz There are many great festivals around the world. Each of them has their own nuances. Believe it or not, EDC and Ultra are very different. Transmission in Prague I love to play at; it too has its own unique vibe that I enjoy. I think that festivals are a great way to introduce your music to new people and new fans. Depending on where the festival is located that vibe is different and is filled with its own set of challenges.   ravermag_markusschulz_2 Raver Mag. Ultra Miami… In or out this year? Markus Schulz: For Ultra this year, I will not be playing. The thing is that with Ultra, when you play, you play only one party and that’s it. For me this year, we decided to try something a little different. We will be playing at three different parties this year during Ultra. For Miami Music Week we are going to be playing at Space Miami, where we are going to be having a Coldharbour party this year. I will play Ultra again, it just that we need to alternate every other year. Raver Mag. Your new upcoming album is lined up to be massive. It will encompass 17 tracks that took over two years to create. During that time, many things could have shaped the overall look and feel of the final masterful creation. If you had to pick one element that you wanted to have resonate throughout this album, as opposed to past albums that you have conquered, what would it be, and why? From experience, I know that every album has a story behind its existence. What’s the story behind this album that you want all your fans to know about, especially about the energy that you put forth on this album? Markus Schulz: The thing about this track is that I have been doing a lot of songwriting. After the Scream Series, I was like, okay, where am I going with my music? You can only play around with synthesizers and stuff like that so much. When you’re young, that’s what you do. Don’t get me wrong, I like twisting up the synthesizers and I do it in the mash-ups that I work on for the radio show and big room reconstructions, but the question I had for myself is was, what is the next step in my artistic career? That’s really what albums are for me… They’re milestones for me as an artist. With this album, I wanted to see where I wanted my artistic career to go. For me, that inspiration came from songwriting. When I was young, I use to do a lot of creative writing in school. But then when I started playing music I kind of got away from that. For me, it was amazing to take a step back into creative writing. The first one I really wrote in this chapter of my life was “Destiny.” When it first hit and everyone was blown away with both the lyrics and the story within the lyrics it gave me the confidence to keep going. Two years later, here we are with an amazing album that has some great stories. Each track has its own unique journey that I am ready to play for the world. There will be some instrumental tracks on this album as well, but the real stories are the words contained within and how they connect with us. They are not just stories of someone wearing a red dress or something like that. It’s far deeper. These stories are those that bind us together as a community. That’s why I am happy about this album. I am happy because I was able to write words and write things that connect and relate to us as a community. ravermag_ultra_music_festival_markusschulz_mbeas__hdr   Raver Mag. EDM is growing on an astronomical level. Everyday new genre and crossover genres are spouting out, as well as artists that are coming from all walks of life and all ages. You are one of the original pioneers of Trance, a successful owner of a record label and talented international music producer. My question is, do you feel that the “EDM Bubble” that people are talking about can burst at any moment? And if it were to burst, or lose its driving force, what genres would you say might survive the aftermath? Markus Schulz: I think that it’s very stale right now. It’s an over-saturated market for certain. Now hear me out on this. I thought that Trance music in 2010 – 2011 was getting stale. I thought to myself, ‘what are we doing here’? The same names, the same thing and then came along this whole EDM boom. At the time, I was all for it. New names, new music, new people, new energy, new artists and in my opinion, it gave new life to a scene that was very stale. That being said the lack of creativity and the lack of artists pushing forward has been really disappointing and, in my opinion, the whole EDM thing has really become stale. You are starting to see people come out and say what else is there? They are starting to explore more new niche sounds and I am all for that. There is amazing Trance music, there is amazing Deep House music and there is even amazing EDM music. But the bad thing is that once a producer makes an amazing track that is groundbreaking, then that one track gets turned into a whole new genre with 50 or more clones. I mean someone decides to play the guitar in one of his or her tracks and then before you know it, it’s like a whole new genre of music has come about. That is really the disappointing thing for me. I champion creativity and I think that we are at the stage in the game where there are really a lot of disappointed people. I think that people are just standing up and saying, you know what I am just going to focus on making amazing music. I always say that it doesn’t matter what people say or do, but rather what comes out of the speakers. If you make what comes out of the speakers amazing, then the rest will be amazing and work its self out. Raver Mag. Last question. What advice do you have for the new producer that is trying to get into the world of dance music? And what are some of the elements that you look for from a new artist when they submit their tracks to Coldharbour for consideration? Markus Schulz: Study. Study not just my sets, but people who have really created good quality music in the past. Study the history of music. Study the old Digweed sets. Study the old Tiesto sets. There are so many sets that can inspire. Don’t just listen to sets of music and say; oh, I am going to just do this or that. No. Listen to what was then and then find out what inspires you. Then after that, carve out your own path. I think all of us are all looking for the next big thing that can inspire us and push us towards greatness. As for Coldharbour and me, I am not just looking for a new track. I am not just looking for a new vibe. I am looking for a new attitude. I am looking for someone who is going to blow me away with the whole package. Like, send me an amazing track and then follow it up with another amazing track and then another one and another one and that is filled with energy and that is mind blowing. Right now Arkham Knights is doing that for me. They have really come up with this new Tech Trance old Tiesto sound that is filled with energy. I think that is really what Trance is missing right now. It’s missing that groove and sometimes there is too much standing around. I miss the drive from the old Tiesto sets and I think that Arkham Knights does it perfectly. It was an amazing night presented by Label Presents, Sugar Society and Disco Donnie in Charlotte Label North Carolina. The vibe, the crowd and the venue all lined up to what was a wicked blend of unforgettable moments. For more on Markus Schulz get connected on his social media streams by clicking on the following links:     ]]>