Video Interview with MaRLo at Ultra Music Festival:  Raver Mag: You just arrived in Miami getting ready to kick off Ultra Music Festival, how do you feel? MaRLo: It feels really good to be here, to meet up with all of your friends, DJ’s and agents that you have known and played with for so long. Having them all come together in one place is really special. Raver Mag: Come festival season there are ten different festivals all going on at the same time. What makes Ultra Music Festival special or different than the rest? MaRLo: The first festivals of the month are so important because they let everyone know what you have in store for the year, what your sound is going to be like for the year. Being at Ultra Music Festival with the combination of Miami Music Week makes it all the more important so it is definitely the perfect place to be. Raver Mag: Walk us through a normal week/day in the life MaRLo. MaRLo: I tour a lot right now. After playing at Ultra, I am going to go to cover a gig in Moaki here in Miami and then it is off to Australia for a tour. Right now every free moment that I get I am making music. That’s pretty much it for now, tours and catching some studio time every second that it is made available.    ]]]]> ]]>