Martial Simon Brings the Feel Good Vibes in “Hamptons Free”

    Martial Simon is back with a smashing remix for his latest hit single “High in July.” “Hamptons Free (High in July Remix)” has the makings of a summer smash and it’s out now via Simon’s very own Get Set Records imprint. 

    “High in July is very personal to me because I wrote the lyrics during the pandemic as an escape. I was inspired by the Hamptons beach town vibe to write a song that captures the imagery of summer. Beautiful beaches, sunbathing, drinking rosé and riding around in a convertible listening to music.” Martial Simon

    With the release of his track “High In July” a few weeks ago, Martial Simon continues to showcase his growth as a producer and evolving tastes as an artist. Now, the official remix builds on that momentum with a radiant, Hamptons-inspired version of his previously released sophomore original. “Hamptons Free (High In July Remix)” is all about feel-good vibes and positive energy, further highlighting the sterling musical elements which have enabled him to rise up the DJ ranks so quickly: impeccable production, addictive melodies, and a topline that listeners will find themselves inevitably humming after one listen. Martial’s work ethic and desire to succeed are second to none. Watch this space.

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