Mason is the rebellious Dutch producer that’s releasing the second track this year on his very own imprint, Animal Language. Obsessed with unleashing unusual vocals, Mason has teamed up with the Noisettes singer, Shingai Shoniwa, to create a new level of spice and sultry within the house track, Bang Bang.

Born from an idyllic childhood that burst with creativity, Mason took upon his own path of musical expression within electronic music. Now with deep roots in the music industry, Mason has released an un-predictable array of tunes from commercial hits to underground work that strays from the norm. Ensuring his music is always brimming with funk and flooded in eccentricity, Mason’s musical journey reflects his animated personality. Most known for the iconic ‘Exceeder’ Mason boasts other hits like Fashion Killa with Stefflon Don and most recent Spinnin Deep release with Alex Clare, Reminders of You.

New single Bang Bang is a perfect example of Mason’s love for a chunky groove and pacy rhythm, that allows Shingai’s expert vocals to thrive. Shingai approaches the vocals with a sophisticated combination of sizzling self-assurance and sublime sass. Taking things up a notch for the beat heavy enthusiasts, Mason releases the original alongside a club-oriented Rene Amesz flip. Rene’s mix accentuates the depth of deliciously unsettling noises, alongside an exaggerated huskiness in Shingai’s previously clean-cut tones.

MasonBang Bang is out now!