Matoma Interview By Kylie Parham Photography by Zach Liebmann Norwegian electronic music star Matoma was able to chat with us while traveling the USA on his latest North American tour. The music sensation filled us in on his newest album “Hakuna Matoma” and his exciting tour across the States. RM: What was your biggest inspiration in creating your newest album Hakuna Matoma? Matoma: My biggest inspiration was really just to give my fans music that makes them happy and to create music that everyone will love. I also believe that when good music is created it should be released right away. When I played Coachella this year, I released my song with Sean Paul the same day I played the festival and the fans loved it. Rather than waiting to complete an EP or an entire album, I think it’s important to release tracks as soon as they are created and give the fans access to my music as quickly as possible. RaverMag_Matoma_3 RM: The title of the album reflects a familiar connotation with the motto “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Is this carefree vibe the vision you originally had with the music featured on the album? Matoma: Actually the name of the album, and my artist name in general, is a funny story. One time my brother and I were at a party having some fun. After a few drinks, he told me my original name sucked and that I should change it. Well, my brother and I can sometimes disagree so we got into a little argument about it. One of my friends broke in and mentioned ‘Hakuna Matata’ from the Lion King. My brother immediately responded by saying “Hakuna Matoma”! After that, we all thought Matoma was a super cool name so I decided to keep it for myself and then later name my album Hakuna Matoma. RM: How was your experience working with Wale, Akon, Sean Paul and Madcon for the album? Matoma: That was an unreal experience, especially with Akon, Sean Paul, and Madcon. They are so talented and they really work hard in the studio. For example, Sean Paul was in the recording studio for 10 or 12 hours without leaving the booth. I was really impressed. RaverMam_Matoma_1 RM: Many of your collaborations and remixes have a super tropical, reggae, R&B feel. What is it about this style that you enjoy working with and producing?   Matoma: That is probably where I get my inspiration. I really love R&B, urban flavored music and I like to combine it with happy tropical sounds. I ended up doing my own variation of that and people seem to like it! After like 2 years I am almost to a billion streams on the Internet!

The Vamps & Matoma – All Night [Party At Your Place Edition] RM: What is your favorite collab that you’ve done thus far? Matoma: I have to say maybe Jason Derulo and Jennifer Lopez. That was a huge milestone in my career. Also the Akon song. Every song is very special to me but in different ways. They all have their historical moments and chapters in my career. I really remember the Jason Derulo one because I was so early in my career; to actually have him produce one of the songs on the album was just incredible.   RM: Is it true that you began your career in music in classical piano and then transitioned into music mixing? Matoma: Yes! I actually started playing the piano when I was six years old. It’s great when creating a song; I can start by playing the piano and then begin building my track from what I made with the instrument. RM: Your single ‘False Alarm’ featuring Becky Hill from the album is a huge success. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration and production of this track?   Matoma: I got inspired by the vocals. I got inspired by Becky and it was during a hectic time, but I just found peace and quiet with her voice. I tried to compliment what was already there on the vocal side, and I ended up with that version and people loved it!

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