Her name may be new to the scene, but she’s here to stay. Nessa Bransan, an electro-pop singer and songwriter, is making her move into the electronic music industry after a shift in music style. The artist’s new sound features electronica influences, mild rhythmic syncopation, a vocal centric aesthetic and major key tonality. Nessa Bransan first caught the public’s eye in 2011 when she opened for the ACM Music All Star Jam concert in Las Vegas. In 2015, Bransan was chosen by ASCAP to be one of the Top 15 Emerging Artists/Songwriters of that year. She continued on with refinement of her true artistic platform. Her undeniable affection for the R&B and pop music culture started to dominate her development choices. Bransan splits time between Miami, Nashville and LA – loving the creative vibes from each city. She is constantly in the studio writing new songs, adding to her already 350+ song catalog. Her upbeat style became more evident over time, paving the way for an evolution in her musical style. Going from Nashville country to the edge of Miami pop, Bransan kept a soulful yet fun R&B influence. We had the opportunity to catch up with this on-the-rise artist, and here’s what she had to dish. RAVER MAGAZINE: Who were some of the earliest influences for you when it came to kickstarting your interest in music?

My dad always played the guitar and had me sing along with him. ALWAYS. I loved it so much, I never stopped singing after that! Some early influences of mine were definitely Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. Major Musical Girl Crushes right there!
   RAVER MAGAZINE: Where do you get your creativity from? When you begin working on a track, how do you know it will turn into something you want to release to the world?
It’s a feeling thing for me. Every session is completely different. Sometimes you get into a session and no tracks hit you, so you start with a lyric or song idea and build something brand new. Then, other times I’ll hear a track and know in the first 3 notes, “Oh yea, this is dope. This is me.”
 RAVER MAGAZINE: What made you transition and rebrand your style of music?
I think it was just the timing of everything. I had been in Nashville for 5 years pursuing Country Music, and have gotten to work with unbelievably talented individuals, but I always felt like my “Miami” was showing. I knew everyone noticed it, too. I have flat out had people tell me they didn’t “Get me” or I wasn’t “country enough” for Nashville. They were right in a way. Last spring, I flew to LA and started to just write what I wanted, with no rules. I just started to stick with what flowed out of me rather than forcing myself to do what people were telling me I should be. It ended up being this more minor, yet upbeat pop/dance feel that just felt so right.
RAVER MAGAZINE: We know you’ve been in the studio a lot lately. What’s down the pipeline and in the works for Nessa Bransan? What can we expect from you in the coming months?
Music! A lot of it! I’m really trying to master my style and make sure it feels like 100% me. I’m a stickler for the RIGHT song. I feel like my EP is definitely starting to take on the perfect shape. I’m pumped!
RAVER MAGAZINE: Months aside, where do you see yourself in your career 5 years from now?
 Everywhere! I want to have a show in Berlin one weekend and LA the next! Being international is the main goal for me, for sure.
RAVER MAGAZINE: If you could perform at any event or festival, and collaborate with any artist where and who and why?
OH MAN. Bonnaroo or Tomorrow Land. I feel like Bonnaroo is classic. I’ve never even been and I feel so un-American because of it! I NEED TO GO TO BOTH, but playing on either one of those stages would definitely make me feel like “Yea, Girl. You did it. Go you.” As far as collaborations, oh snap. Honestly, like I had said earlier, Alicia or Christina would be incredible. That would be a serious girl power moment for sure. It’d be a dream if I got to sing on a track by Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix or Zedd. If I got to work with Cheat Codes, KREAM or Sigala, I would be pretty star struck, too. I’m so into Halsey, I can’t stop listening to her. Am I naming too many?! Huge fan all around.  
RAVER MAGAZINE: Nessa Bransan’s spirit animal – go!
A Butterfly! My name means butterfly and… It’s weird to say I look up to a bug, but I do in a way. They morph into these beautiful, tiny, yet incredibly bold creatures. That’s what I aspire to be. I always feel like amazing things happen when one lands on me. It’s like a little reminder when I see one, “Keep going, you’ll turn into who you’re meant to be one day.”
What’s next for Nessa? The talented artist just made the move from Nashville to Miami, and is gearing up for the music video release of her most recent single “Chemical” – released in late October. She will be spending the spring months performing new music, while preparing for a busy summer of shows and festival performances. We look forward to seeing what this lady has in store for her fans, new and old. Keep up with the brunette beauty by following along on her social media outlets below. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE  ]]]]> ]]>