Meet Srap Shirinyan: Armenian hairstylist and colorist

    Armenian hairstylist and colorist Srap Shirinyan spoke with Raver Magazine about the L’Oreal Prostart seminar. He also offered advice to young and aspiring hairstylists and colorists.

    Can you tell us about the L’Oreal Prostart seminar?! What can people expect?

    L’Oreal Prostart is one of the best seminars that allows beginners to approach the product professionally:

    I myself have constantly studied with Loreal professionals and reputable international experts: new trends are brought by the large Armenian market.

    Already established hairdressers and beginners participate in my master class.

    What are your future plans include, Srap?

    In the future, I want to enter the big beauty market with my work. To make the Srap Shirinyan brand more ambitious, open beauty salons in Moscow and the USA, and then in the UAE.  

    There should be highly qualified specialists who will think not only about making money but to give pleasure to their models. 

    What advice do you have for young and novice hairstylists and colorists?

    I want all those people who want to enter the field of beauty to love their profession very much, do their work without a trace and show firmness on the path of professional advancement.

    What would you like to tell our readers about the L’Oreal Prostart Seminar?

    I want those specialists who have decided to go in this field to participate in this seminar. This is very important for overall professional development. And I wish your readers to choose a good specialist to entrust the care of their own hair.

    To learn more about Armenian hairstylist and colorist Srap Shirinyan, follow him on Instagram.

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