Offical Raver Mag. Festival Re-Cap

by Sergio Nunez

Photos by aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac

This year marked the debut of one of Insomniac’s newest music festivals. The Middlelands experience took place in the Texas Renaissance Festival out in Todd Mission approximately 50 miles northwest of Houston, TX. This festival had the perfect combination of talent, location, and production. The festival featured camping on site with all the amenities such as showers, general stores, and plenty of food options. It was also very accessible for festivalgoer’s to “commute” into the festival with plenty of free of charge parking. Middlelands officially opened its doors on Friday May 5th, but the party started a day before with most of the campers arriving and settling in. The first day kicked off with lots of excitement and anticipation. It featured four different stages, Trinity Vale, a small and intimate stage, The Stronghold, which was the sort of gate of the main and largest stage, the Castle Orthwoods. Lastly, there was the Middlelands Arena, the second largest stage, which had the very distinctive stone carved “Middlelands”, spelled in the background. There was a hidden stage called the Wench’s Bay was only open on the second and third day which was completely enthralling to say the least.

All stages had a great variety of electronic sub-genres that gave music options to all attendees. Some of the most anticipated artists such Marshmello, Gramatik, Alison Wonderland, Bassnectar, Datsik, and Kaskade rocked the crowd for three days in various stages. Music was not the only art on display at Middlelands; in conjunction with the extreme musical talents from the performers, the visual effects and state of the art lasers, lights and fireworks made everything come together from an unforgettable experience. There was a unique atmosphere because of the visual artifacts and festive performers for all over the world and who where walking about the premise hyping things up for all of us to enjoy.

Photo by aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac

Maps were very clear and accessible for everyone and information booths were strategically located all around the festival that made the flow of the crowd come together. There was a large amount of security and medical personnel both in the festival area and in the camping grounds with ambulances on site. Free water refill stations and food options were all over the festival both in the GA and VIP areas that also helped everyone stay hydrated.

Photo by aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac

Even though the festival finished at 1am daily, the campsite hosted “Sound Camps” of mainly local artists, which kept the party going until the early parts of the morning. However, with a 3pm start of the festival, campers were able to get much needed rest before the journey begun the following day. The final performance in the Castle Orthwoods featured of the largest talents in EDM, Kaskade. The festival concluded a spectacular display of fireworks and a very appreciative speech by the King of Middlelands himself.

In closing Insomniac killed it with Middlelands. It was an unforgettable experience that I will make a tradition… http://www.middlelands.com

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