Mike Kerrigan Releases Captivating “Liquid Dreams” EP on Dirtybird Records

    San Francisco-based producer Mike Kerrigan has once again made waves in the music industry with his highly anticipated two-track EP, “Liquid Dreams,” released today via Dirtybird Records. Following his successful collaborations with the renowned label, Kerrigan’s debut solo effort showcases his creativity and finesse as a rising star in the electronic music scene. With its infectious beats and innovative soundscapes, “Liquid Dreams” solidifies Kerrigan’s position as a key artist to watch within the Dirtybird community.

    The EP:

    “Liquid Dreams” EP is a testament to Kerrigan’s growth and talent as both a producer and DJ. The title track immediately captivates listeners with its mesmerizing blend of wonky house beats, deep basslines, and playful vocal chops. It is a dancefloor anthem that seamlessly combines infectious rhythms and intricate melodies, guaranteeing an enchanting listening experience for fans and electronic music enthusiasts alike.

    Complementing the title track, “G2g” takes listeners on a five-minute sonic journey filled with textured synth melodies and crisp percussion. The track demonstrates Kerrigan’s ability to create immersive soundscapes, showcasing his versatility and knack for crafting engaging compositions. Together, the two tracks on the EP highlight Kerrigan’s artistic range and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

    Mike Kerrigan’s Thoughts:

    Speaking about the EP, Kerrigan expressed his excitement about collaborating with Dirtybird Records on this project. He admitted that it took him some time to gather the courage to send his tracks to the label, but upon learning that Dirtybird wanted to release both of them, he was overjoyed. Kerrigan believes that “Liquid Dreams” and “G2g” accurately represent his artistic identity, and he hopes that listeners will connect with the tracks as much as he does.

    Innovative Partnership with Nebula:

    In an exciting first-ever partnership, Kerrigan’s “Liquid Dreams” EP is being made available as a limited token drop through Nebula. Fans have the opportunity to purchase 1000 tokens, granting them a share in the EP’s royalties and ownership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Dirtybird, known for its pioneering ventures in the metaverse. The label’s Birdyverse launched the 24/7 virtual nightclub, Birdhain, granting NFT holders exclusive access to virtual sets by their favorite Dirtybird artists. The partnership with Nebula further establishes Dirtybird’s presence in the web3 musical ecosystem.

    Mike Kerrigan’s Journey:

    As a San Francisco-based producer, Mike Kerrigan has carved a unique path in the dance music scene. Under the mentorship of Dirtybird, he has honed his skills both in the studio and on stage, steadily gaining recognition as one of the label’s most promising rising talents. Kerrigan first appeared on Dirtybird in 2020 with his collaboration with VonStroke on the Dirtybird Couchout Compilation, titled “I Caught A Vibe.” Since then, he has become a regular fixture on Dirtybird’s festival lineups and the CampINN and Campout events. His track “Penguin Hit Squad,” created with n808, received an official remix from Claude VonStroke himself, further elevating Kerrigan’s status within the Dirtybird community.

    With the release of “Liquid Dreams” EP, Mike Kerrigan demonstrates his skill, innovation, and dedication to his craft. This latest offering not only solidifies his status as a Dirtybird artist to watch but also highlights his unique ability to captivate audiences with his imaginative soundscapes and infectious beats. As Kerrigan continues to evolve and push musical boundaries, his influence within the electronic music community is set to grow. Fans can catch him live at the final Dirtybird Players

    Catch Mike Kerrigan returning home to San Francisco for the final Dirtybird Players Tour date on July 7th and stream his Liquid Dreams EP now. 

    Mike Kerrigan Tour Dates

    June 8-11 – Orlando, FL – Dirtybird CampINN

    July 7 – San Francisco, CA – The Midway

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