Mizgin Brings To Life Impactful Electronic-Pop Single Titled ‘Numb’

    Boasting a certain level of exoticism within the beat itself, Mizgin drops a moment-capturing single “Numb.” The vibe is fun-loving and only gets better as Mizgin begins to include her vocal work in it. Founded on a drum-and-bass influence in the instrumental, the upbeat energy is inescapable within the tune. The song is balanced by many measurements. It’s easy going and simplistic from a production point of view, yet doesn’t come off thin of underwhelming. Yet, the writing is on-point and joyous, nailing a modern pop aspect that grips the listener more as the releases passes forward.

    Mizgin has been around the block when it comes to here relationship with music. She started getting deep into music at the age of 8, her first entanglement with music creation being singing at this time. She was noticed for what she could at this age, thus being asked to do things like local events, school functions, and the like. It was a trip to the USA in 2013 where she met managers and producers that would change her life. This act of fate led to the creation of song and video “Get You Off,” which reached #4 on the MTV charts and stayed on the charts for a total of 12 weeks. A feat not easy to accomplish.

    Mizgin is ready for music to take her to where she’s meant to go, equipped with the toolbelt of talent to take advantage of moments as they come.

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