The Cosmic Connection of Music Starts with Moon Hooch By Michael Beas   Raver Magazine is always on the lookout for new styles of music that are filled with creativity and positive energy. That being said, we bring you Cave Music. This genre of music is rapidly hitting the dance music scene – one event, one person at a time – and it’s all starting with the trio known as Moon Hooch. For those of you not familiar with Cave Music, it’s like house music, but with a more primitive, raw, jagged feel that can take you by surprise.   Sax players Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGowen, and drummer James Muschler, are re-defining and creating the world’s dance music. Together, they are creating a new vibe of music that will blow you away. High intense energy from start to finish is how they can best be described. No matter when or where they are, a party shortly follows. I had a chance to witness them play first hand in Asheville, N.C. and I can’t argue to the fact that they literally tore it up on-stage. People everywhere were jumping and dancing to the tunes they spat out of their musical instruments. With a groovy flare that is truly unique, they made me realize how musical emotion can build up inside of people. The musical inhibition against expressing yourself is almost like a fear or a phobia of sorts that can sometimes be hard to get out and set free. Moon Hooch gives you that musical freedom to let go and forget about what others might think. They encourage you to release the inner spirit that wants you to dance, shout, and above all be free.   Before their set, I had a chance to catch up with sax player, Mike Wilbur, for a few questions. This is what he shared up with me.   How was it touring with They Might Be Giants, Lotus, and Galactic People? And how is the Moon Hooch Tour going?   It was great, and an amazing experience to tour and make good music with good people who are passionate about the same things we are passionate about. Our tour is underway, we are meeting people from all over the place, and we are doing what we love best.         How did it all begin with you guys?   We met while students at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. I’m from Boston originally, but we all crossed paths and we clicked – not just with music, but also with philosophy and ethically.   There is talk of a new release coming up. How is it shaping up and when can we expect it to come out?   Its hard to finish things up sometimes when you’re on the road touring, but everything is lining up pretty solid and we hope to get it out by early spring sometime, so stay tuned in for the latest.     Get Social with Moon Hooch:   ]]>