The countdown begins as Moonrise Festival 2017 is officially two weeks away! The lineup this year is jam-packed with incredible chart-topping artists that are sure to make August 12th and 13th a weekend for the books. While Moonrisers across the states make travel plans, create their ideal festival squads, and get their festival-fashion ready to go, the only thing they are missing is that ideal playlist to prepare for the best musical celebration this summer. No fear, Raver Magazine is here to solve this problem! We have crafted the ultimate list featuring the finest musical selections to get those good vibes flowing and energy growing as we begin the final stretch before the Baltimore fest. So get your headphones and music outlets ready for the best jams of this season with our official Moonrise 2017 playlist:

https://open.spotify.com/user/ravermedia/playlist/6j3nAvptD6P2MHWheIyr8f ]]>