A cheeky summertime anthem, NASAYA and Floyd Fuji’s “JUNE” is a funky-fresh soundtrack that moves with an ambiguity that challenges the notion that music should be rooted in any one particular genre. Occupying spaces of alternative R&B and beachy electronica, this vacation-ready cut is an ocean of charm. Patchwork synths, groovy as hell guitar riffs, and enticing vocal content collide, creating a smooth outline of sounds and feelings. Following a series of successful releases, tours, and other milestone career accomplishments, NASAYA keeps one foot in front of the other with everything he does. A fluid and sweet-sounding track, “JUNE” seamlessly turns colors into sound. A song so tropical, you can almost feel the sand at your fingertips. A collaboration we didn’t know we needed, NASAYA and Floyd Fuji are composers that will get you lost in sound. Listen below.