NASAYA Returns to Foreign Family Collective with “CIEL”

    NASAYA has made quite a name for himself in recent years with his genre-blurring take on alternative and indie dance music. Whether it’s pop, jazz, hip-hop, indie, rock, or any genre under the sun – NASAYA does it all. A producer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Reunion Island, the fast-rising artist’s repertoire spans labels like Majestic Casual, Concord Records, and more recently, ODESZA’s Foreign Familly Collective. Returning to Foreign Family at the heels of his collaborative 2021 EP PIRLAMPO with MARO, NASAYA unveils his first single of the year “CIEL.”

    “CIEL” arrives just ahead of his upcoming fall tour supporting ODESZA on their The Last Goodbye Tour. A departure from the sunny, indie-pop soundscapes he conjured up on PIRLAMPO, “CIEL” is an experimental dance track beaming with intricate technicalities. Textured synths mingle with a fast-paced beat creating a righteous juxtaposition of speed and lush tranquility.

    Speaking on the track NASAYA says, “‘CIEL’ marks a bit of a departure from music I previously released. I moved from the US to Paris in 2020 and the change of scenery kind of changed the way I write music and how I wanted this project to evolve. Also, being stuck at home for these 2 years it made sense to write music all by myself. The track is definitely ‘clubbier’/darker than what I previously released – living in Europe for the first time I started being more influenced by music like garage/breakbeat, jungle, techno etc..

    Writing music completely on my own is me going back to my ‘roots’ in a way – (I started writing music to jazz/fusion instrumental songs on guitar) –  I found out that the way I can only express certain emotions is through writing instrumental music. I think it’s one the first times I was making songs that felt truly personal to me.

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