Never Normal Soundsystem and ANTI-MASS Collective Join Forces On Anticipated 16-Track Album ‘Gukuba’

    Fusing the momentum of both Never Normal Soundsystem and ANTI-MASS Collective, Gukuba is officially taking shape and already attaining high-praise before making it’s way into the public consciousness. Meaning “it slaps / it beats,” when translated from indigenous Ugandan to English, this compilation is filled to the brim with unique aspects that will touch the listener on a deeper, metaphysical level.

    Billboard and DJ Mag have already provided support for this project, Billboard labeling it one of the most anticipated electronic albums of the season.

    The founder of Never Normal had this to share on the matter:

    “The journey to create this is years in the making since I met Authentically Plastic in Uganda in 2019. We’ve all put our real life inspirations into a sonic perspective that unites beats that connects culture from the continent of Africa to the African diaspora. For the future of techno, house and electronic to venture into the rhythms that preserved over centuries is a monumental moment our collectives share. This is about movement and moving forward in so many ways.”

    A cultivation of field recordings, sound exchanges, listening sessions that included East African / Afro-Diasporic talents, and indigenous producers based in the states, a truly outstanding experience reaches the limelight that, in past decades, wouldn’t have had the platform to reach an audience.

    Gukuba is out now on all platforms.

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