Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings Celebrates 5 Years with New Releases and Activities

by Michael Beas

Work Hard, Play Hard… That is how best I can describe Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings team and crew. Nicky Romero himself is by and far one of the best Dance Music Producers on the planet. His work ethic, his determination and drive to create an artistic element in all that he does reflects in the hearts of millions and in heart of all of the artists that are on the Protocol Recording label. That being said the ultimate party is about to begin with the 5th birthday of the label. In a series of events and new music releases the label is about to through down like never before! The 250th episode of Protocol Radio, and the celebrations will last until their showcase at ADE this October. Thats right it is going to last until OCTOBER. Mark it on your calendar,  Protocol Radio kicks off their 250th episode with a live broadcast on May 26th. On this day they will feature both tracks from the past and new music that has not be heard before that has been saved until this moment.  On May 29th, Protocol is treating longtime fans to a five hour mix of sonic highlights from 2012 to 2016. Here is the skinny that you have to remember, five major new tracks – for five weeks.  Protocol will be releasing a fresh remix of some of their biggest hits from the last five years! The exact tracks will be announced closer to their release dates, but we have gotten a sneak peak and I can tell you that they are going to be massive. Fans will also have a chance to experience the electricity of a Protocol party during Balaton Sound in July before the culmination of their months-long celebration at the Amsterdam Dance Event. In an exclusive interview with Nicky when we featured him on the cover story, Nicky mentioned Raver Mag: Has there been a point in your career where you’ve wanted to change your sound? I’m not one to categorize musicians by genres, but there are many musicians in their career who convert to Progressive from Trance or switch from Hard Style to Big Room. Nicky Romero: I’m sure my style has found a natural progression over the years and sure sometimes I can see the appeal of thinking ‘this is what’s popular now, if I make something like this, I could have a #1’, but personally I’d find it hard to make music that I didn’t like and I don’t think I’d feel good about it.

At the end of the day, it may be 5 years but Nicky Romero and Protocol will last an eternity. For me personally his sound represents a new beginning in my own life. It is the place where my own dreams have quickly become a reality. His sound and seeing the smile he placed on someones face is an image that I will never forget and it’s the reason why I personally will always support him and Protocol in this lifetime and the next.

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More on Protocol Recordings 

Founded by Nicky Romero in 2012, Protocol Recordings has established itself as a major player in the hotbed of electronic dance music labels, bolstered by its progressive approach to music and its extraordinary live events. The label has thrown major events at some of the most prominent electronic music gatherings in the world, such as Miami Music and the Amsterdam Dance Event, treating their fans to a true sonic experience that feeds both their hedonistic indulgences and cravings for new music. Protocol‘s focus on developing emerging artists has garnered them a roster of incredible talent, from veterans like Tom Tyger and Arno Cost to new discoveries Volt & StateFlorian Picasso, and more. Between their ever-evolving imprint, captivating stage presence, and consistently incredible, cutting-edge new music, it’s safe to say that Protocol has more than earned their spot at the top.]]]]> ]]>