No Doubt About It – Lights All Night 2018 was Lit!

By Dakotah Swafford

All Photos Credit Red Feather Images

Lights All Night 2018. The sold out, ninth annual festival. This year-end celebrated held 30,000 total attendees across two days on December 28 and December 29 of New Year’s Eve Weekend. This festival returned to Dallas Market Hall in Dallas, TX as the largest end-of-year party in Dallas, as well as one of the largest annual music festivals across the state of Texas. This event is a truly memorable event to celebrate the end of the year and a perfect way to welcome in the new year.

There were more than 40 music acts from around the globe that performed LAN this year, including a RARE Redux set performed by the glorious Kaskade. This is what I was the most excited about. If you know anything about Kaskade and his Redux sets around the globe, they sell out quick. It was the perfect private pre-party to welcome in the weekend of dance. It was absolutely perfect. He really gets intimate with his fans and get deeper into the house music. It is a totally different feel than his sets at the main stage. I’ll have to admit that I got a little emotional when he closed out with his Remix with Lipless of RY X’s “Only”. That’s the awesome thing about electronic shows. It is a place to just let go of your daily worries and stress and just surrender yourself to the music and Lights All Night always does a great job of bringing artists who allows you to truly do that.

Kaskade along with Rezz and Jai Wolf, created a perfect day 1. LAN also had a really sick Silent Disco this year. It was a closed off stage surrounded by darkness and a disco light shining all throughout the area, with a feel of Galaxy, hosted by artists Lick, Penthouse Penthouse, Krew X, Grensta and more. LAN always brings a selection of the world’s most sought-after electronic dance music artists with FOMO-inducing performances and larger-than-life production. This was my third year attending this home-feeling festival, and I don’t plan on stopping now. Lights All Night leaves you feeling like nothing in the world matters except your own happiness. It is the perfect way to come home from the event and reflect on your life and really get deep inside yourself to see what negativity you should leave in the past year and what you want to achieve in the upcoming year.

Day 2 was opened up with a private pre-party house set by Ekali and was finished off with Grammy-award winning DJ and opt-labeled “Godfather of EDM”, Tiesto and What So Not along with Josh Pan, Hotel Garuda and more, but only if you were brave enough to embrace the cold at the outside stages. LAN provided fire pits outside that helped us really enjoy our meals from the food trucks, by allowing us to stay warm, considering it was a festival in the middle of winter, but that never stop anyone from going out and having a great time. There is so much energy that you don’t even notice the cold.

This celebration expanded their featured visual art and experiential activations. All of the art surrounding the venue, that was strategically placed, was something cool experience and also a wow factor to snap some photos with. The Lights All Night sign at the back, the huge festival style triangular ornaments, the silk dancers hanging from the sky, and the many lasers shining through, were all just a few of the awe-inspiring piecing of art. This gave the venue an intimate environment for the guests to really enjoy the weekend. There were more installations and entertainers onsite than ever before, including the Dreamhack Gaming Lounge, Sweet Tooth Hotel Lounge, Light Leaks which were scatters of disco-style mirror balls, Fallen Stars, and one of my favs, the Kinetic Balls which were moving lights synched together with many variations of color and movement, that the attendees could dance under, and Lady L Productions, which were performance artists and dancers offering us live entertainment around the venue.

This is a festival that you do not want to miss out on, especially in 2019, because it will be the tenth reunion and I know they are going to make it special. It is already a festival that feels like home, being small enough to get around, but big enough to get lost in the lights and in the music. I know everyone enjoyed their moments with their friends and being able to dress out for the event. We all were able to surrender ourselves to the vibes of the dance festival, like presumed. We already are counting down the days until the next time that we can attend this festival and dance the weekend away again and we really hope to see you there.