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No Xcuses with EDX


Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas 


            Maurizio Colella, better known by his stage name EDX, is a Swiss-Italian producer and DJ. EDX has been a master in the house music scene for some time and is a highly regarded producer and DJ. He has a straight-forward approach towards his branding and development of quality music and he’s been an integral part of our music community for decades.

            We had the opportunity to chat with Maurizio during Miami Music Week. Here’s what he had to say.

Raver Magazine: You had a lot of events in Miami that you were performing at and even hosting. What does this week in Miami mean to you?

EDX: I’ve been coming to Miami Music Week for about 21 years so far and have only missed one year since it began. In the beginning it was this dream as a DJ like “Let’s go to Miami and make it big! Let’s go meet the DJ’s and be the next big thing.” Now, twenty years later, I’m on the other side. But I still have this excitement within me about the music industry as a whole. Plus, the weather is nice in Miami and I live in Switzerland so it’s always nice to be in Miami for a few days. Miami is about the music and that’s what I really love about it.

Raver Magazine: Talk to us about your show, ‘No Xcuses’.

EDX: It’s cool to be a part of so many shows and to have my own show in Miami, it is special. We started the show ‘No Xcuses’ in Miami seven years ago and the podcast has been going for that long also. I really look forward to meeting the fans at my shows. They are a big part of what makes the brand so successful.

Raver Magazine: Speaking of fans, you have people from producers to general concert-goers who consider themselves fans of yours from a producer standpoint. What advice do you have to younger generations who may be trying to break into this industry as a producer?

EDX: Well, it’s very hard. When I first started to DJ in Europe, it was a part of that culture. Twenty years later it is a huge trend to be a DJ in the United States. If you really feel that you love music and there is something that really attracts you to the industry, you just need to make sure you do your own thing. Find your own music and find a genre you work best in. Stick to it and when you feel like you’ve got it, keep going. Most importantly, be yourself. Never try to be EDX or Hardwell. Instead of trying to be like us, make us want to be like you. Be a leader and develop your brand so you become recognized by it.  At the very least, if you want to be like Steve Aoki, don’t throw cake – throw donuts.


Raver Magazine: How did you come up with your brand of ‘No Xcuses’?

EDX: ‘F*ck Me I’m Famous’ was a big brand back then. We were probably brainstorming over a thousand names at the beginning and then I started to think about what I wanted to say – what was my message going to be. Myself as a person, I’m very straight-forward and I say “don’t talk about it, just do it.” That’s the idea behind the brand ‘No Xcuses’.

Raver Magazine: What’s next for you after you’re done with Miami Music Week?

EDX: My remix for Charlie Puth is out now and I have a track, “Jaded” that will be released shortly. That one has already hit 2 million streams and has gotten a lot of DJ play. It’s been a great start to the year. I have another new single that just came out – people were calling it the anthem of Miami Music Week. Ironically it’s called “Anthem”. I am constantly striving to do different things and be out of the box. I can’t keep doing the same thing or everything will sound the same. One track might be more of a club-vibe and the next may be more uplifting.

Of course we are looking forward to summer!

Touring, touring, touring and more touring!