Noah Neiman – Make It So Good by Eubin Jin Noah Neiman’s new track, “Make It So Good”, really does live up to its name. A high tempo and punchy bassline keeps the mood light and happy. There is a lot of energy in this track; not only at the drops, but throughout the entirety of the song. While this kind of song usually is supported with full vocals, they are not really missed here due to how clean the song is put together. The music speaks for itself. It is easy to see how someone can lose themselves to this song and dance the night away.

Wicked Stats….

Noah Neiman Noah NeimanNoah Neiman is one of Enhanced‘s artists with several releases over the past 2 years on the Recordingsimprint • Known for his experimental, melodic driven style – he has had leftfield releases such as the ‘Mind After Midnight EP‘ which had one of its 3 tracks featured a nationwide Mitsubishi Germany TV ad campaign (‘So Ready‘) • Texas-based, Noah works closely with TritonalEnhanced‘s flagship artists and co-owners • Noah Neiman has had recent single releases on Revealed RecordingsArmada & is regularly supported by HardwellW&WBlasterjaxxDash BerlinNicky Romero, Siick IndividualsSwanky Tunes & more • By trade Noah Neiman is a full time doctor who balances an increasingly busy DJ/producer career • Noah Neiman recently toured with Tritona on their album tour ‘Painting With Dreams‘ • ‘Make It So Good‘ is the first release in this experimental style of Noah Neiman‘s on Enhanced • Debuted & played on Noah Neiman‘s recent sold out US tour dates on Tritonal‘s ‘Painting With Dreams‘ tour.]]]]> ]]>