nøll Makes Vocal Debut in “Afterlife”

    nøll has been anything but empty lately, back after a successful start to the year filled with single “i…” and an acoustic version/remix EP of “Save My Life,”  the LA-based based producer returns with a dynamic bass/bedroom pop combo. “Afterlife” displays nøll at his best and gears listeners up for his forthcoming Afterlife EP. Ascend into the “Afterlife” as this electronic connoisseur sets the floor a-blaze. 

    A modern soundscape characterized by gritty bass and strong vocal tonality, nøll’s latest single is euphoric and stretches the boundaries of his creative ability. The track’s use of distortion satisfies the ear as it brings you into its world creating an enchantingly smooth offering. Displaying a growing confidence in his sound, “Afterlife” speaks to the young producer’s experience in a way like no other. Aligned with his strides of consistent creative growth, this single not only perfectly fits the discography he is known for but builds upon it. 

    “Afterlife” tells the story descending into the deepest part of purgatory but still finding the path to redemption. Do we have a chance to change for the better or are we doomed to repeat our past mistakes? – nøll

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