Exclusive Interview w/ Nurko: Premiere of “Let Me Go (feat. Alina Renae)” Out Now!!! Catch the latest w/ Nurko in the Winter Edition of Raver Mag. 

Interview by Michael Beas with support from Eubin Jin

Photos by Bobby Ben-Gal

    Raver Mag. Melodic Trap/Future Bass and Chill Trap are very interesting and beautiful choices of genres to create. What drew you to create this kind of music? Nurko: A lot of my music is driven from intense emotions. For example, when I was making my next single called ‘Let Me Go’, I was going through a pretty rough time and decided to make something with an emotional vibe. I wanted to pour my emotions into the song. My emotions inspire all of my music and what you hear is what I felt. Coincidentally, I think I found my niche. So if you get a chance definitely check out ‘Let Me Go’, it comes out on January 30th on Trap Nations sub-label Lowly Palace.     Raver Mag. What are some major goals or milestones you hope to meet in 2017? Any festivals you want to hit or venues you want to play at? Nurko:  My goals for 2017 are to get future tracks signed on some of my favorite labels (Owlsla, Monstercat,  and Mad Decent). I think this will help with my main goal of connecting with the masses via my music. As for the festival and venue markets, I love to play shows. I’m actually playing at a dope new venue in Minneapolis called Monarch in March that I’m pumped for. I would really love to play festivals like Ultra, EDC, Camp Bisco, Coachella and all of the other major festivals.  

NEW MUSIC by Nurko – Out Now

“Let Me Go (feat. Alina Renae)”

https://soundcloud.com/nurkomusic/sets/nurko-let-me-go-feat-alina-1   Raver Mag. What kind of impression do you want your music to leave on your audience? In other words, what kind of emotions, reactions or images do you want to create in your listeners with your music? Nurko: I want my music to leave an everlasting emotion with anyone that listened to it. I want my fans to feel euphoric and forget about any troubles they are currently going through in life, and let the music take over. Raver Mag. Looking back at 2016, what are some of the highlights for you? What really made 2016 memorable for you? Obviously the simple answer would be the success of “Your Embrace” with 1M plus plays on YouTube, but what moment left a lasting impression on you the most and how can that same energy tranced on you into 2017 and beyond? Nurko: 2016 was a great year for me as an artist. I feel that 2016 was the year I truly found my musical identity. My biggest accomplishments were getting signed to an agency and management company. My track “Your Embrace was in a major compilation that became the number one album on iTunes, electronic music. I played my first Festival, and graduated from Rutgers University. I have a degree in Cognitive Science and minor in Music. For 2017, I hope to grow even more as an artist. My biggest goal is for millions of people to hear my upcoming tracks, and for it to leave a lasting impression on them. Raver Mag. In your words, define success? Nurko: Success to me is to have my music heard and enjoyed all over the world on major platforms. Success is when an artist or a fan understand what they are trying to portray, and recognize their own style. Just like My biggest inspirations are What So Not & Seven Lions, I want my music to continue to have the ability for the listener to feel the emotions of the music, yet still dance and enjoy it at festivals and venues. It is difficult to cross the bridges between the chill emotional vibe infused with the hard-hitting drops of the more club-based genres (trap, dubstep, and so forth). It is very important to understand that no matter what happens, never give up. Even if you get rejected by labels, tastemakers, and blogs, do not stop learning and creating, because at the end of the day, you as an artists are doing what you love.   https://youtu.be/UzA8CXK0KY4 Catch the Entire Interview with Nurko in the Winter Edition of Raver Mag.  ]]]]> ]]>