O’Cinnedi adds genre-bending ‘Lust’ to her list of ‘Seven Deadly Sin’s


    DJ, dancer and music producer O’Cinnedi continues to display an immense amount of talent with the latest edition to her ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ project. ‘Lust’ is a genre-bending, continuously evolving and utterly unique track which grabs the attention of the listener and refuses to let go throughout the spectacular song. 
    Starting with supernatural sounding percussion and a punching kick which follows a heartbeat-like duple metre, O’Cinned cleverly creates an immediate sense of punky panic. She then suddenly switches to sharp techno synths, half-beat high hats, a rumbling bass and constant kicks which progressively increase the intensity until the sonic spectacle culminates in a shocking scream. The climax of the track consists of heavy dubstep drums and more spacey synths, continuing the unearthly environment O’Cinnedi constructs. 
    Starting her musical journey at the age of 10, O’Cinnedi has worked with a multitude of renowned artists as well seeing support from musicians like Archie Pena who has produced for Shakira, Whitney Houston and Micheal Jackson. Her vast experience shines through in the last few releases as she is able to compose a sinister sonic universe which is continuously gripping, ‘Lust’ will surely have listeners increasingly excited to hear the next instalment of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’.

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