Old School Party that Holds No Bounds

Exclusive Interview with

Kris Kross Amsterdam

By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Kris Kross Amsterdam is a Dutch DJ and record producer trio from Amsterdam. The group consists of two brothers Jordy Huisman and Sander Huisman and Yuki Kempees. Their music is a mix of various music styles that people from all over the world, especially Amsterdam go crazy for. The buzz is that Kris Kross Amsterdam fire Europe. Their sound is growing like a wildfire here in the USA and more then anything there is no limit to what is in store for them in 2018.   Raver Mag. had an opportunity to catch up with Sander Huisman in Amsterdam for a quick Q&A; this is what he shared up with us.     Your music is highly addicting, for those people in the USA who have not experienced your music how would you describe your sound?   When we started and came up with the name Kris Kross Amsterdam we wanted to have no bounds, we wanted to break all of the obstacles that in music. We wanted to play R&B, Hip Hop, House, Disco, Big Room, maybe some EDM, whatever we liked that’s high tempo, so every minute with us you can expect another song. At our parties here in Amsterdam we definitely go old school, because that’s where we came from and that is what our fans go crazy for.   When we first started it was all techno and house music and now with our sound its something that more people are flocking and trying to get into. Now you see things becoming more eclectic and more of an urban party. For those who have never heard our sound or who have never experienced our music, definitely come out to one of our parties. The mix is usually 70% girls and 30% boys, the girls love the sound and it’s definitely an experience that you have to experience for yourself. https://youtu.be/7VLXilmZcAk How do you work together as a team being a trio and all, do any fights between the three of you ever go down?   Jordy and I are brothers so if we get into a fight we usually get over it in a few minutes. Yuki is our MC so we all really just mesh together and work things out together as a family more then anything. We work together to bring the fans together with our music.   If you guys can collab with anyone who would it be?   I can’t speak for anyone but for me I would like to collab with DJ Snake and Major Lazor.   You just dropped your new track ft. Jorge Blanco, ‘Gone is the Night’ tell me about the track?   It’s going amazing so far. It’s hitting the top of the charts all over the world. It’s definitely playable at the clubs and its sexy, with a bubbling beat that everyone is enjoying around the world.   https://soundcloud.com/kriskrossamsterdam/sets/kris-kross-amsterdam-ft-jorge   What plans for New Years Eve?   We have a crazy warehouse party lined up for New Years Eve. It’s at Warehouse Elementenstraat here in Amsterdam, that’s one of the largest venues in Amsterdam, so we are happy and excited for that.             ]]>