CRAZU: found in the Urban Dictionary and meaning crazier than crazy. The LA based DJ and producer is not only entertaining to watch perform, but he has a pristine talent of performing with high energy and reading the crowd. His love for music came at an early age when he found a great interest in playing the piano, and he’s been at the music grind ever since. Crazu’s sounds are known around the globe and has struck quite a fame worldwide with his hit dubstep tracks “Limit” and “Zipper”. Since then, he has taken on a new sound and recently released Celebration: An EDM Music Festival Journey on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. Crazu’s style is widely versatile, which has landed him the opening slots on huge stages in Miami, Los Angeles, Texas and beyond. Having opened for the industry’s heavy-hitters including Gareth Emery, R3hab, Danny Avila, Nervo, Adventure Club, Paper Diamond, Tritonal + more, Crazu also headlined his first major performance at SBE & Insomniac’s own Create Nightclub in Hollywood. DJ Crazu kicked off the spring festival season with a fresh, new tropical house hit. “Infidelity” is now available, listen below! Having worked with 7-time Grammy Nominated writer writer Andre “GC” Fennel on the track, the inspiration for “Infidelity” came from wanting to release something different than the norm. Crazu took a little bit from the old school sound and mixed it with the new, resulting in a chill and smooth track perfect for your Coachella pre-game playlist. “Infidelity” is just the first of many new tracks to be released by Crazu this season – he’s here to stay with his feel-good tracks available for listeners all around the globe. We had the opportunity to chat with DJ Crazu and here’s what he has going on and in store for the coming months! RAVER MAGAZINE: What made you want to start producing dance music? In this industry, producing is a MUST if you want to get to a different level than the average. I started producing because it was my way of expressing the struggles and challenges I had to overcome throughout my life. It is my way of telling my story.

RAVER MAGAZINE: Tell us about the inspiration behind your new single “Infidelity”?
The inspiration for “Infidelity” came from wanting to combine a Tropical House style with the smooth vocals of 7-Time Grammy Nominated Writer Andre “GC” Fennel. We wanted to bring something new to the table, exposing society to a different culture of music. Our other track “Bunda”, which is available on iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify, is a mix of Brazilian Bass with Reggae, something that isn’t heard as much.
RAVER MAGAZINE: Tell us about your recent work with Andre Fennel? Did you two vibe right off the bat? Did you learn anything from working with each other?
My best friend Ray Montana, an amazing hip-hop artist out of Puerto Rico, worked with Andre on some tracks. I always admired his style and how well his voice just flowed, so I reached out to him and we worked on “Bunda”. After that, the floodgates opened and the creative ideas were endless. Working with an artist of that caliber, makes me step up my game. He motivates me to be better, and after watching his performance at this year Ultra Music Festival in Miami with Showtek, I got inspired to raise the bar even higher, so I could achieve that level of greatness someday. RAVER MAGAZINE: What are your goals for the rest of the year, and where do you see yourself in 5 years down the road in your career?
This year I plan to book more shows nationally while expanding my followers by working with a PR representative who can help connect me with the right people. Andre and I will look to continue to work together and possibly release an EP in the near future. Within the next 5 years, I would love to quit my day job as a Restaurant Manager and focusing 100% on my music, performing and selling out such events and venues like Ultra Music Festival, EDC, Create Nightclub, Webster Hall, LIV Nightclub, and much more. 
RAVER MAGAZINE: What has surprised you about working in the music industry so far? I don’t think its something that surprised me because I expected it, but the amount of work you need to put into this career is ridiculous. This isn’t something that you can put together overnight like a last minute research paper. This is a passion, a living creature that you need to nurture and take care of, otherwise it will rot and fail on you. RAVER MAGAZINE: When you’re not making music, what do you like to do for fun in your spare time? When music is on the back-burner, I find myself spending time with my beautiful family and 2 children, 1 year old Paola Nilsa and newborn Kalyra Brooklyn, the future Nervo or Rebecca & Fiona. I have also played soccer for 29 years, and every Sunday you can catch me kicking the ball around with a bunch of childhood lads in a men’s league in Los Angeles, CA.   
RAVER MAGAZINE: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world of music, electronic music or not, who would it be and why?
Electronically, Tiesto would have to be my number 1 choice. He is the reason why I started pursing a DJ career. His music has driven me to break out of my shell and just live. When I listen to Tiesto, I fall into a trance where nothing matters to me, a stress-free environment where I can be me and not worry about what others say. Tiesto has been an indirect mentor to me and I wish to someday work with him.
RAVER MAGAZINE: Final words or advice to those looking to break through into the industry?
Do what you love. Don’t cheat the game, be respectful and thankful to the industry because in the long run, it’s the industry that calls the shots, not you. If you really want to make it and be the next “Breakthrough Artist”, then be creative and explore different routes. Don’t imitate what is already out there because its been done!
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