The global pandemic, has hit home to many people and is still touching the lives across the world. For Orjan Nilsen, these times have been particularly challenging. In short, his entire life changed when the pandemic hit, he also nearly lost his mother to an unforgiving condition that requires constant care and was hit with a surprising diabetes diagnosis after suddenly waking up in a hospital.

Orjan Nilsen doesn’t go down without a fight. He worked hard and lost (20 kg so far) and is working everyday to stay in shape. The new ORJAN NILSEN has given him better health and with it a new vibe of music that you will not disappoint. His latest DJ Governor single called ‘Memoirs’ is a testament to the uniqueness of his music and the mastery of his sound.

The global Trance crowd will have this song on repeat for the days, months and years to come. Full support from us at Raver Magazine.

Orjan Nilsen: “It’s a little scary sharing like this as I’m not used to doing so. I’m more the happy and funny dude who you love at parties, the guy you probably would talk to about this. But I have been terrible at sharing my own stuff and even writing this makes me nervous. It was time though, time for me to speak loudly about my problems and that I did manage them, with help from my family, my friends and last but not least, you guys. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m back, that I’m Ørjan again! And hopefully, I can stay Ørjan for a long long time.”


Check out Orjan’s own statement on Instagram and Facebook.


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