Owning the Decks at Revealed Recordings

Exclusive Interview with Dutch DJ and Producer


By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Photos by Coohn

  Last year during Amsterdam Dance Event, I found myself in my hotel room one afternoon waiting on friends to get ready. Thumbing through my Facebook feed, I stumbled upon Revealed Recordings doing a live feed from the studio’s canal boat party they hosted during ADE. A young man by the name of Suyano was currently playing. I could not put that live feed down. Fast forward to a future Hardwell on Air live radio show streaming through my headphones and I hear Suyano owning the decks yet again. For the next year, one thing was clear – Raver Mag just had to meet this talented artist!   Suyano is a 27 year old Dutch DJ and producer hailing from the DJ-famed city of Breda in The Netherlands. He works closely with Revealed Recordings and Hardwell, personally, having done back to back sets with him, hosted Revealed Radio episodes, and been a guest DJ on Hardwell on Air. This December, he’ll be joining Hardwell at his World’s Biggest Guestlist party in Mumbai, India.   The heart, energy and passion he plays with is infectious and we know you’ll agree when you have the chance to see or hear him in action. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life of Suyano! https://youtu.be/Vnngh89jCJA Raver Magazine: Alright, so you’re from Breda. We know Breda as this magical DJ-land – so many amazing DJ’s and producers are from this city! Growing up there, when did you first know you wanted to get into music?   Suyano: When I was about 4 or 5 years old, one of my birthday presents was a little keyboard. The keyboard also had some buttons where you could play with the kick, the high and the snare also. I didn’t even remember it because I was so young, but my mom showed me some videos where I was playing with the keyboard and the drums. I started playing the drums at a musician school when I was 7 years old. Then when I was about 15 I started playing for some birthday parties of kids in my school. It was just two old CD players and a really basic mixer. Later on I bought myself some new Pioneer turntables with my own saved money and just practiced at home a lot. One of my big breaks came when I was 18 and I entered a DJ competition to win a spot to play at Dancetour in Breda. It’s pretty well-known in The Netherlands and the lineup includes Hardwell, Laidback Luke, DJ Chuckie, etc. I ended up winning that competition which gave me the opportunity to play a set at Dancetour for 25,000 people.   Raver Magazine: Did you have any influence from others who grew up in Breda?   Suyano: Hardwell, of course, is my inspiration of mine. He’s a really good friend of mine and a very talented musician. I truly love his music. Tiesto is also someone I look up to. And we are all from Breda!   Raver Magazine: For those who have not been able to see you perform a set yet, can you describe your sound and style of play? We know you have a lot of action going on during your sets!   Suyano: Besides playing the music as any DJ would, I play live drums during my DJ sets. That’s how my start in this industry still influences my playing today. I have a drum pad and just connect it to the mixer and this way, when I am playing the drums the audience will hear it on the sound system. I love it because I can really express myself and show the crowd that I’m different and can bring more elements into my sets. I always encourage artists to bring something unique to their sets if they’re able to do so.   https://soundcloud.com/suyano   Raver Magazine: If you could pick one event that has been most meaningful to you thus far in your career, what would it be?   Suyano: Dancetour was definitely one of them because that was my first huge event playing for such a large crowd in my hometown. That’s also the first point where I made a connection with Hardwell. I’ve had a lot of really important events in Asia recently in Shanghai. This December I have a really special show coming up – I’m going to play at World’s Biggest Guestlist for Hardwell in Mumbai, India. I’m really honored to play at this event because all of the money generated goes to charity. They will be building schools in the city and Hardwell told them that there had to be music lessons provided at the schools his event helps build. Now these children can learn different instruments and maybe some will find careers from that.   Raver Magazine: Speaking of Hardwell, what is it like working with the Revealed family?   Suyano: It’s amazing! For the last two years I’ve been releasing my tracks on Revealed and I have a really good connection with the whole team. Everybody is really kind and it’s really a family there. Everybody knows everyone there and we all support each other’s music and careers. I’m even going to begin doing some A&R work for Revealed maybe once a week. I’m really looking forward to that and to be able to work with new talent is a great experience. I really enjoy giving feedback to help new artists achieve success and become better producers. I’ve been in their shoes and I know it’s hard but I tell them they have to keep pushing, believe in themselves and don’t give up.   You have to really be able to put yourself out there and show yourself. Of course you need to have the talent to produce and also be a little bit lucky, but it all starts with hard work. Years ago, I sent a demo of mine to a friend who worked at Revealed. “It’s okay but it’s not good enough” was the feedback he told me. So I kept practicing and practicing and two years later I signed my first record with Revealed. Now I’m up to ten tracks signed with Revealed.   Raver Magazine: What can we expect from Suyano in the future?   Suyano: I have a LOT of new music coming up! It’s in a totally different style. I have about five or six tracks finished now and some of those are signed already – I just cannot say to which label yet. It’s going to be super cool though! Back when I started playing the drums, I played a lot of Limp Bizkit, Nirvana, Daddy Yankee, etc. It’s not that I only love EDM or I only love rock. I just love music. I love everything. And now I’m changing my style because I really enjoy making new types of music. The new Suyano style is going to be more danceable.   https://youtu.be/dZrX1m6v43s   Raver Magazine: Bonus question…because we’ve seen some Instagram pictures on your account that contain a very adorable fluffy dog. Does Bear get to travel with you when you’re on tour? Suyano: My girlfriend takes care of her. Bear is young still so she stays home. You know I have the cutest video of Bear to show you though…she’s so crazy!   https://youtu.be/PaFtq11kgww ]]>