Panda Funk Deorro Goes Hardsyle


‘Burn Out’

Panda Funk‘s slogan is “more than a record label, it’s a movement,”

Los Angeles producer Deorro comes out with his new release, “Burn Out,” which for us is a complete revamp of a new style / sound of music. If you’ve been following Deorro for sometime now you’ll remember the days when Deorro would hit us with prolific Melbourne bounce beats.  ‘Burn Out’ has a wickedly distinct edge that combines both bounce and hardstyle. It’s almost as if you’re listening to something out of a KAYZO set. Personally, I like me a little hardstyle during the middle of my workout when the heart rate needs some pumping up and you’re looking for some last minute energy to finish strong.

This is definitely different, hard hitting, heart pumping and full of energy that you’ll need this weekend to go the extra mile at the gym or during the late night 3am “oh crap I need something to say awake on the drive back home” Don’t Miss It Party People, the Panda Funk is back and he’s going Hardstyle.

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