Persistency is Key for Loud Luxury – Exclusive Interview

 By Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas

Canadian producer and DJ duo Loud Luxury, comprised of friends Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace are proving that persistence is key as they steadily rise in the dance music industry. Currently based out of Los Angeles, CA, the two have been working together since 2012. They’re not afraid of hard work and they’re not afraid of rejection. In fact, it is both of those that have attributed to their current success.

We see this duo going far in our industry and we’re excited to see what they bring to the table in the future! If they’re stopping by your area on tour, you do not want to miss their show!

Raver Magazine: How did you two get into the dance music scene? Did anybody in particular inspire you along the way?

Loud Luxury (Andrew): We’re from Canada originally so we’ve had a really rich musical history with some great artists coming from Canada, such a Deadmau5, who was one of the first DJ’s who inspired us. We saw Tiesto perform at the 2004 Olympics in Canada also.

When we were in University that is when things started to really take off. We went to University in a small town but this town was booking Toronto and New York City-level artists, so that is how we got together and started this duo.

Joe: I studied music at our university but not a lot of production.

Andrew: I would say most of what we have learned has been self-taught and off platforms such as YouTube. We have different musical backgrounds but we worked well together and learned together.

Raver Magazine: How did you guys come up with your name, Loud Luxury?

Loud Luxury (Andrew): So back in those hip hop days, I was working with a group called The 90’s and the music wasn’t that great but they had very creative branding ideas. We worked on a song together called Loud Luxury and I remember thinking to myself “well the song is whatever but the name is really cool!” A couple of years later when Joe and I formed our group and started playing parties together we were trying to figure out what to name ourselves.

Joe: At the time we were making music and just going by our own individual names and I thought we should make this a thing and maybe get some more shows. I told Andrew to make a list of names for us to consider. I remember looking at the list and Loud Luxury just stood out. It sounded dope.

Andrew: I always had that name in my pocket from back in the day. I always thought that it would be a really cool name for something and it just worked for us to adopt that name. It represents what we do really well.

Raver Magazine: Your track “Body” is so catchy and addicting. How did that project come about?

Loud Luxury (Andrew): Oh man – okay so we moved out to Los Angeles and we really wanted to take our music to the next level so we were hitting up artists nonstop to try and get a vibe going. One of the artists we found online replied back to us and invited us to an event to meet them. There was a band opening at the event and Brando was the lead singer of that band. The performance itself wasn’t the best and they had some issues with the equipment, but we were really blown away by Brando. The vibe was so good that we actually forgot to say hello to the artists we were there to meet with.

So we got in the studio with Brando and he had written “Body” about a year or two prior as just a rough little vocal idea and it was way slower than the end product. It was actually a hip-hop idea he had.

Joe: So we took it and worked on it for almost a year. We sped it up and changed the chords.

Andrew: We gave it a new paint job. We spent a lot of time making sure every aspect was done right. We have always felt very special about this track. So we were on a great path with the track but then we got rejected by almost every record label we sent it to.

Joe: Armada [Music] picked it up and they said immediately “this is going to be a hit – we want this.”

Andrew: We took a chance on each other with “Body.” We were unknown artists. Nobody knew it was going to be a hit – not even us. Regardless of how good the song is, the odds are just so stacked against you when you’re not an established artist. Anything can happen. But they took a chance on us and we took a chance with them and it worked out for the best.

Raver Magazine: What are some other projects that you’re particularly proud of?

Loud Luxury (Joe): We released a song called “Fill Me In” on Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS label. He really supported that track. That really exceeded our expectations. After that track came out, we happened to see an iHeart interview with Martin Garrix and he was discussing how much he loved the track with Dua Lipa “Scared to be Lonely.” We hit him up as a shot in the dark and asked if we could remix the track. He said he would love that. So we remixed it and that led us to go on tour with him.

Andrew: I don’t think there’s ever been a big turning point in our career, but it’s been more like trying to get on first base and then second base etc., rather than just hitting a home run from the start. Even “Body” I wouldn’t consider it a home run but more of a build-up of all the things that got us to where we were to create that. It’s all about the building blocks and continuing their growth.

Raver Magazine: What advice would you guys give to your producers trying to break into this industry?

Loud Luxury (Joe): Honestly we taught ourselves. If you can go on YouTube to start getting ideas of how things work and then just be very dedicated and keep trying, you’ll see your growth. You may get a lot of rejection, but take it with a grain of salt and learn from it.

Andrew: We’re not the most sophisticated artists out there but one thing that has made us stand apart is persistence. No matter what rejection came our way we just kept moving forward. We have known of a lot of producers who were in the industry and just gave up – they got another job or focused on relationships and marriage and they fell out of the game.

Raver Magazine: It’s Bonus Question time! If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Loud Luxury (Andrew): Well, the movie [Jumper] kind of sucked, but I was always obsessed with the idea of teleporting. That would be so convenient to be talking to someone and saying “oh man I wish we could do this right now!” And boom, it’s done.

Joe: I’d like to fly around..visit space and cruise around flying with the birds. And get to places a lot quicker and spend less time in Ubers!

Heads up fans – Loud Luxury is currently headed to Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event week. Catch them at the following shows!

October 17th @ Q-Factory

October 18th @ Mad Fox

October 19th @ Supper Club