Diplo, Omarion and JoJo co-signed producer/multi-instrumentalist Sweater Beats has teamed up with Romanian born, UK-based songstress Sorana to bring you “Enemy,” out now via Big Beat Records. The track is the latest single in a series of music from Sweater Beats, following his  “For The Cold” EP which has accumulated over 6 million streams since its release and has been featured in Teen Vogue, Complex, Paper Mag and more.

If you thought you already found your summer bop, you may have thought wrong. “Enemy” is the perfect mixture of electro-infused pop production and in-your-face vocals that are sure to have your body moving and jaw dropping.

Sweater Beats showcases the creativity, experimentation, and fun that fans have come to expect from him, layering his trademark guitar sounds with his notorious synth sounds. “Enemy,” immediately starts off with upbeat melody filled with dancefloor-worthy energy that stays high up until the very end. The industry-endorsed producer shows off his love for musical experimentation with a slew of clever production techniques, layering multifaceted synths, and cheeky basslines to create a project that really sticks with you.

Sorana’s fierce vocals decorate the song with a sense of cathartic celebration. “Enemy,” bluntly tells a shocking story about coming to realize that you’re in the middle of a love triangle, and realizing who your lover really is. “I’ve got a lover who’s got a lover, and his lover doesn’t know about me,” boldly exclaims Sorana. “…you are the enemy!” The vocals are both confident and empowering, and add a layer of emotion and reliability that makes “Enemy” especially unique.

Sorana shares, “The ENEMY is a song about some of us that love to cheat and lie without thinking of the hearts they’re breaking . For them it’s all about the game. ‘I’ve got a lover who’s got a lover ‘ is something that happened to all of us at some point, so when it happened to me I decided to write about it. Writing about stuff that happens to me always makes me feel better. I loved writing this song with Digital Farm Animals and Jenson Vaughan and I am very, very excited for the collaboration with Sweater Beats. I love what he did with the track and I hope that you’ll love this song as much as we do!”

The Los Angeles-based, Philippines-born artist was embraced early on in the underground Soundcloud community, in part due to the rise of future bass, leading to tastemaker support like COMPLEX, deeming his “Glory Days (feat. Hayley Kiyoko) “one of the biggest releases of his career” and touring opportunities alongside Chance the Rapper, Hayley Kiyoko, Flume, Chet  Faker and gnash to name a few. Other track highlights include “Better ft. Nicole Millar” and “Did You Wrong ft. MAX” and “Altar (feat. RLUM.R).”


Philippines-born, LA-based producer, Sweater Beats caught the attention of a wide variety of tastemakers with support on his past releases “Better” ft. Nicole Millar, “Did You Wrong” ft. MAX,  Altar (feat. RLUM.R) & “Glory Days (feat. Hayley Kiyoko) – deemed one of the biggest releases of his career by COMPLEX. Embraced early on by the underground music community supported widely across Soundcloud’s streaming platform, the producer became well known by those that carefully followed the rise of future bass; alongside artist support from Diplo, Omarion, and JoJo; plus touring with Chance the Rapper, Flume, Chet Faker, gnash, as well as ‘Glory Days’ vocalist Hayley Kiyoko.

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