Rising NYC based dance-pop vocalist PLVTINUM has become a force. Since his debut in 2016, PLVTINUM has garnered over 130 million plays on Spotify alone across his flurry of sultry future pop originals. Following his recent Xuitcasecity collaboration “Rich & Sad,” PLVTINUM has returned with another stunning original. Featuring hip-hop sensation Lil Aaron, “Girls On The Internet” is a witty and critical analysis of society’s social media habits, much to the tune of Blackbear or Gianni & Kyle. Toying with the line between early 2000’s pop punk and modern top 40 sensibilities, this emo-leaning trap ballad explores the downfalls of meeting girls on social media.  Instantly catchy with its tongue-in-cheek lyricism and breezy guitar melodies, PLVTINUM and Lil Aaron’s collaborative single is one you’ll find yourself listening to on repeat.