Poet, Saige Senger: An Introduction

    Pictured Above: Poet, Saige Mackenzie Senger

    Written by J.L. Caban

    Poetry, by definition, is a literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; and, that being said, our feature poet, Miss Saige Mackenzie Senger’s style fits the bill to perfection.  When reading, and writing for that matter, poetry, one must realize it is not simply about putting together words that rhyme… certainly that is one particular method… but, more importantly, the reader must be able to connect with the feelings which the creator is attempting to convey.  Like the sanguine fluid that traverses within our veins, its purpose is to journey to and from the proverbial – as well as the literal – heart, giving it a kind of life, having the ability to touch others in a way basic prose simply cannot.

    Saige Senger’s passion exudes from her writing, as one gets a true sense of the pain and darkness that this poet apparently feels within her soul (as you, my Ravers, will soon espy), much akin to the renowned Edgar Allen Poe, whose macabre, but powerfully enlightening, works lead his readers on a journey through his darkest, most intimate, visions of the world around him, so too does this young, up and coming poet.  Similar to the formidably vivid emotions that Mr. Poe elicits, one can’t help but to wish, in dire earnest, for Saige to find her way out of the abyss and into the light, perhaps even having a hand in her ascent, if we could… this is the power of the mighty pen.  Senger, a freshman at Howard W. Blake School of Performing Arts, with a major in creative writing, enjoys reading and writing poetry, short stories, and flash fiction.

    One of the books she enjoys reading is ‘The Sun and Her Flowers,’ penned by Rupi Kuar, who happens to be her favorite poet, Saige finding her “extremely captivating and relatable.”  She is also an avid fan of Stephen King Novels because his “imagery always makes reading fun and entertaining.”  When Saige Mackenzie Senger is away from the literary world, she enjoys cheerleading and gymnastics and spending time with her grandfather, Nick.   And now, my beloved readers, this writer leaves you to enjoy her work, hoping that you enjoyed the pieces as much as I. 


    How much more do you 

    expect my bones to bear 

    until they bend and break

    until I myself become broken?

    How much longer 

    do you expect me to sit here 

    longing for the love 

    you never give?

    You expect me 

    to plaster a permanent smile 

    on my face 

    portraying happiness.

    I’ll play the game 

    putting on a spectacular show 

    Showing the world 

    I can be perceived as happy.


    No one can hear me scream 

    robbed of a voice 

    visible but never seen

    Treat me like a human being

    Give me a choice

    No one hears me scream

    I need someone on which I can lean

    Someone hear my voice

    Visible but never seen

    Will this only ever be a dream 

    or will someone make the choice to listen to my voice

    No one hears me scream.

    Why do I have this gene that refuses to let me be seen

    Soft, quiet, angelic voice

    Visible but never seen

    Let me be awoke from this dream 

    Robbed of a voice 

    No one can hear me scream

    Visible but never seen 

    Why Do We Love

    Why do we love 

    if not to end up heartbroken?

    Why do we care so much 

    when we’re always the second choice?

    Why are we perceived as kind, caring creatures 

    when the majority of us have never experienced 

    true love, or genuine kindness?

    Why do we love so passionately 

    only to become so disappointed?

    The author of this piece, J.L. Caban, is a Puerto Rican-American writer who was born and raised in the Bronx, NY.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Education from Lehman College and is a Brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. His works include ‘Moving On,’ ‘Butterflies in Production,’ and ‘Sapphires in the Rubble;’ all available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Target.  – Barnes & Noble – Moving On – Butterflies in Production Instagram  – YouTube – Web – Sapphires in the Rubble

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