When label boss and dubstep pioneer Protohype shoots, he scores. Storming the change of seasons, the Nashville luminary unleashes his wicked new spring single “See The Light Again” featuring topline starlet Meredith Bull. Released via Underdog Records, his self-curated label, Protohype’s latest thrasher comes at the heels of Shanghai Doom’s Collision EP which features a track with the Don himself. “See The Light Again” creeps in with sharp drum and bass kicks that lift up Meredith’s striking vocal instrument as it crawls to its first thunderous drop. At the intersection of classic dubstep and futuristic EDM, “See The Light Again” detonates with a controlled chaos, toppling roofs with its mutated bassline. A reverberating listen indeed, Protohype excels at balancing these booming chords with accessible, melodic rhythms. An unsparing, festival-ready banger that fits in perfectly with his legendary catalog, “See The Light Again” is quintessential Protohype.