Peter Marks
Peter Marks. Photo Courtesy of Peter Marks

Raver Magazine’s Markos Papadatos highlights world-renowned astrologer, psychic medium, radio host, and intuitive Peter Marks.

Marks is truly in a class of his own, and a living legend. His mission is to spread love, tranquility, hope, and courage through his readings. He works tirelessly with the spirit guides that surround each individual, in an effort to provide insight from the other side about their daily lives. He helps bring direction, guidance, and a sense of self-enlightenment to anyone he comes across.

He starts with one’s astrological natal chart, and then he proceeds by discussing and unearthing the matters that are of utmost importance to each subject.

Marks has done readings for many dignitaries, which include celebrities and royalty. He has become one of the most sought-after astrologers and psychics in the contemporary landscape, and rightfully so.

For his intuitive work, Marks has received rave reviews from Digital Journal and Huffington Post. He was one of the first in his field to openly share his predictions on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

He is a regular guest on various radio, online, and television shows, including the “Joyce Barrie and Friends” radio program on BlogTalk Radio. He also confers with those seeking his guidance on the phone, through Skype, via Facebook, as well as private readings. He will also do readings for large groups, but his personal preference is the more intimate setting.

This Powerjournalist raves about Peter Marks. In his testimonial, Papadatos remarked, “Peter Marks is a true professional who is driven by ambition and passion. He is compassionate, personable, relatable, and insightful. It is his quality, spot-on accuracy, and honesty that have set him apart in his field as one of the best-loved psychics, astrologists, numerologists, and mediums in the world. He is one of the most gifted people of our time, and he has been able to create lasting bonds with people and the clients he meets and reads, and in return, they are in total awe of his raw, natural talent. Anyone who has ever been privileged to have a reading with Peter, just like myself, is extremely blessed.”

To learn more about esteemed astrologer and psychic medium Peter Marks, check out his official website and his Facebook page.