Looking to create an EP inspired by what he calls “the Golden Era of EDM”, LA-based newcomer Chris Costello has delivered an absolutely stand-out collection of pop-tinged progressive tracks that should firmly put him on the map as one to look out for.

Graduating from the West Coast’s biggest music production school, Icon Collective, Costello clearly knows his way around the studio and is more than capable of recreating those epic hands-in-the-air moments millions of music fans will have memories of from EDM’s glorious heyday.

Bristling with energy via arpeggio-laden synth and instrumental sections, Costello brings back the vocal vibe of our Progressive Overlords with perfectly timed toplines that gift stadium-busting drops one after the other. Track after track, ‘We Could Be Together’ is anthem material, a sense of euphoria and positivity dropping across each single from the second each one drops.

In a world where we seem constantly surrounded by bad news, negativity and swirling doom and gloom, Chris Costello may be exactly what we need right now.

With more of this to come, if this kid isn’t playing main stages by the close of 2023, we’ll eat our collective hat.

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