Raver Mag Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Swedish DJ Gettobabyjesus

    Following his previous tracks ‘Shivers’ and ‘Vaska Riddim’ on Breeze Records, Swedish producer Gettobabyjesus returns to the imprint with one of his biggest releases to-date, ‘Save Me’ – out now on Breeze Records. We caught up with him exclusively on Raver Mag to hear all about the release, his journey so far, and what’s coming up next!

    Hey Marco! Welcome to Raver Mag! Where are we speaking to you from today?

    Hey guys! Thank you so much! Right now, I’m in Copenhagen, Denmark where I have been living for the past 3 years now.

    You are Chilean / Swedish, correct? Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into music?

    Correct! Born and raised in Chile and emigrated to Sweden when I was 13 years old and thanks to a brief football career in my young days, I became a Swedish citizen. Nowadays I see myself more Swedish in my head and view of life, but my South American temperament can appear every now and then haha.

    Music has always been a huge part of my life, especially when you are from and living in South America, there is not a single moment where you don’t hear music either from cars blasting their speakers or your neighbour or your mom dancing and singing in the house.

    It was not until I turned 24 when it hit me how much passion I had for it and that I wanted to pursue it for myself after I found the love of the art of DJing.  Jazzy Jeff, DJ Craze, DJ AM and Laidback Luke are huge influences into how I want to portray myself as a DJ. Armand Van Helden’s – “My My My” is what made me completely fall in love in house music at a young age. And the music I want to do is heavily influenced by Latin rhythms and Swedish melodies.

    We have to ask about your name! How did you pick Gettobabyjesus?

    That name has always been my name tag in online games (I’m a huge game nerd at core) and people on online servers have always reacted to the name in a fun way.

    When covid hit and there was a lockdown around the world, I decided to be proactive and create music. So, I experimented with different styles, genres and created a 20+ track catalogue. When I then decided to start putting music out my online alter ego Gettobabyjesus was the perfect fit as for me GBJ is a free spirit that loves to push boundaries and is not afraid of mixing genres and being experimental.

    Love the new record ‘Save Me’! Can you tell us about the process of this one, and what the track means to you?

    This track was made in the very first stage of lockdown in Denmark where for me my life turned upside down in matters of days. All these questions of how long this will be and how will society be once we come out of this are feelings that are put into that song to give it a dark, heavy feeling that progresses into a drop with a light, progressive touch to give a hopeful feeling.

    This track means a lot because this was the first time I really tried to put my emotions into a track and let that take the driving seat of what the track becomes.

    How did you start working with Breeze Records? What’s it been like?

    I’ve known Gil Glaze for years and once we talked about the ideas that I had for the Gettobabyjesus project he told me that I had a home at Breeze Records where I would have full creative control. For me it doesn’t end with the song, it’s a whole visual idea I want to showcase from the release assets, to the cover and video and it’s important for me that I get to see it all through. For the past few years I’ve learned to use Unreal Engine just to be able to make my ideas come to life in a 3D universe haha so I go all the way when it comes to seeing it all through.

    We hear you used to be a tour DJ for Sean Kingston! Super cool. What was that like? Any stand-out moments from that experience?

    Touring with Sean was amazing and I gained a lot of experience. Considering all the timeless hits and awards, Sean is a super humble guy that values family and friendship first.

    Sean never liked the idea of having a setlist for shows to keep it fresh and just see where each show would take us. So, he had this thing where he would let the vibe take over and start songs acapella. For a DJ you need to be on your toes to jump in with every track that he starts. At the beginning my pulse was very high but you start building confidence and no show would be like the other, which taught me the important lesson to never get content and always push to become better and keep it fresh. So, for me and all the shows I do on my own there is never a setlist and I let the vibe in the room direct me only based on how the crowd is reacting to what I’m playing.

    What has been the best gig you have played in your life?

    Tough question! I’ve played huge arena shows with Sean Kingston in front of 20-30 thousand people and I have played at small clubs for 200-300 people where the vibe and emotions have just been amazing. For me I’d rather play in front of 100 people that are feeling what I’m feeling and be on this music journey together than 10,000 people that are there and there is no emotions and no vibe.

    What else have you got coming up?

    Save Me is the first song out of 4 coming out from an EP titled Lost & Found that I have planned to release on Breeze Records. So, one song each month until July is the plan. Of course, touring a lot in Scandinavia and a festival summer in Sweden and Norway is now is planned and hopefully some shows outside of Scandinavia this year!

    Where would you love to play if you could play anywhere in the world?

    – Chile! Never done a show in my home country and I have a big family there that has never seen me play. It would be a very emotional show for me to do.

    Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

    Sorry for giving long answers haha! But thank you for reaching out and hopefully this is not the last time we talk!

    Gettobabyjesus – ‘Save Me’ is out now on Breeze Records.

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