Raver Mag Exclusive: Interview with Enigmatic Producer Me & My Toothbrush

    Swiss musical mastermind Christian Beat Hirt has been a constant force in the music industry since the 90s. A globally renowned producer and label owner, he launched his Me & My Toothbrush alias in 2013. Dedicating this project to disco and new funk, he fused together organic guitar sounds with analog synths. Achieving several Beatport No. 1 tracks, including ‘Get Down, JB!’, ‘Hands Off’, ‘Push The Tempo’, ‘Be Alright’ and ‘Funking Around’, some of his addictive cuts are approaching the 10 million stream mark and have made their way into influential playlists and sets around the globe. We spoke to him following the release of his latest funk-driven record, ‘Watcha Want’. Check it out!

    RM: Hi there and welcome to Raver Mag! Where are we chatting to you from today?

    M&MT: Zurich, Switzerland.

    RM: Can you tell us a little bit about Me & My Toothbrush! Where did the name come from?

    M&MT: Well, that was a funny story. I initially wanted to name the project Jack & Wolfskin, but my distributor said, this could end up getting me in trouble. They recommended that I pick a more unique name that can’t be switched up with an existing brand or trademark. I answered just for fun but a bit disappointed: “Like Me & My Toothbrush?”  And they wrote back: “Perfect!”

    RM: How has your sound developed since you started your project in 2013?

    M&MT: I kept the red line basically from the very first track of involving funky guitar licks, live basslines and other organic instruments and imperfections. So, I didn’t get away from this concept too much and I am planning on staying on that lane, as I really enjoy at times to work funkier and more organic sounds.

    RM: Tell us about your latest track ‘Watcha Want’. How does it feel releasing your first track of 2022?

    M&MT: It feels good, even though I wanted to be ready earlier in the year with this track. It took me a bit to finish the track and be 100% satisfied with everything. I worked a lot on the breakdowns and kept on changing things or completely started over, but I am very happy with the outcome. It was definitely worth the extra time.

    RM: What inspires you the most when you’re producing?

    M&MT: I love to use and abuse the nature as my main inspiration source. I am always making sure I’m living and working close to a recreation area, a park or that there is a patch of forest nearby. The nature is pure calmness, it is music in perfection and at the same time never repetitive. Whenever I get stuck withing a production, I go out and try to soak up the nature environment and try to recharge my exhausted batteries.

    RM: How do you like to relax when you are out of the studio?

    M&MT: My second passion next to the music are the movies. So, in the evenings I enjoy watching a movie or research something about a particular movie or soundtrack.

    RM: Music is needed right now more than ever! What is the one song that really helps you in difficult times?

    M&MT: It’s hard to pick out one particular track or song. We are living in times of playlists, so I’d rather pick a playlist over one specific track.  I love to listen to all those chill out and relaxation playlists or when I’m an funkier mood, I go and see what nu disco and old school classic disco playlists there are.

    RM: If you could collaborate with one artist that has ever walked this earth, who would it be and why?

    M&MT: A difficult question to answer. I would pick someone that has extremely good hearing, is a great musician or has advance production skills, someone I could learn something from, rather than benefit from a big name or a perfect fusion. The perfect collab would be with someone that would complement my skills and brings in a different vision to make a track not just for the fun of it but for the reason to have a track goes above everything that I knew of, and hopefully exceeds the expectation of the opponent producer as well.

    RM: You have played a huge role in developing the music scene over the past decade. What has been the most unforgettable moment in your career thus far?

    M&MT: Thank you. Getting nominated for the Grammys was a huge thing. That’s something you joke about when you are a teenager, but you know how far out of reach this is for you. And then, 20 years later, it all of a sudden happens and you can’t believe it.

    RM: What would you like to see change in the music industry?

    M&MT: The hi-hat patterns and snare sounds of trap records.

    Me & My Toothbrush ‘Watcha Want’ is out now – stream / download here.

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