Known to friends and family as Simon Adrian, Trier-born, Frankfurt-based producer and songwriter CYMO has been rising up the ranks over the past couple of years, with credits on over 160 songs and a whopping 10 albums! With his latest singles Jetlag and Game Over causing a huge stir in the world of EDM, we thought it was about time Raver Mag caught up with rising German producer to find out more…

    Tell us about your new single ‘Jetlag’…

    When we sat down to write Jetlag, my co-writer and vocalist Tyler had just flown into Frankfurt from the USA. It didn’t take long for us to take that feeling and use it to write this song. Falling in love can feel a lot like having jetlag – you lose all sense of time, judgement and balance, making every moment more confusing and intense than normal.

    The single is out on biddz. Can you clarify – is biddz a record label or an NFT site?

    It’s actually both, but mainly a platform to connect fanvestors and creators. 

    You’ve produced for many artists. Tell us about some of your most successful releases writing for other people…

    At the moment I have credits on over 180 releases and 10 albums. I love working with and for other artists and will continue writing and producing for them. To give an example, I just released a few weeks ago not only my own single Game Over, but also 2 songs I co-wrote: Madonna by HUGEL and The Spell remains by Scooter.

    I really enjoy all sides of music. A few weeks ago, I’ve been writing songs with Sandro Cavazza (Avicii, Kygo), Sophie Simmons, Robin Stjernberg (Robin Schulz, Dennis Lloyd), Gustav Nyström (ALMA, Rehab) and Kristin Carpenter (Alan Walker, Shy Martin). I’ve been working on great new songs for a few months, which are all going to be released this year.

    What was behind your decision to produce music under your own name? 

    I started making beats when I was 14. It was never not my goal to do music on a full-time basis, although it took me over 10 years to finally be able to start a professional musical career. At the time, I just produced a full album for the very first time and it entered the charts on #11, so I thought, ok maybe I’m on to something.

    You also just released your single ‘Game Over’, tell us how well that’s been doing internationally…

    It’s doing good! The song has airplay worldwide, which is insane and kind of new to me as an independent artist.

    Do you have plans to tour? 

    A tour is not planned yet. I’ld rather write and release a couple of more songs before I consider to go on stage. I want to make sure that my fans really know and understand me and my story from my songs.

    What’s next for you?

    I’m currently working on my next biddz release and I’m also constantly writing new songs, maybe some collabs with other producers and artists. 2022 will definitely stay a busy and interesting year. 🙂


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