RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (November)

Read this month’s issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Seven Lions, Emily Tan, Ephwurd, MaRLo, Chocolate Puma, Throttle, Qbert, Stranger Candy, DVBBS, Thomas Turner and so many more… Also this month Exclusive Coverage of Dirty Bird, Electric Forest, and Club Life with Brandon Geers The Attic Orlando and Insomniac Cares as well as the featured Madonna charity event. Also don’t miss our Backstage coverage with Pangea and Tritonal.

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Below are some Sneak Peaks on what to Expect in November…

    “Beautiful Disaster” possesses more depth than your average EDM EP. “Wicked Ways” features a serene vocal performance that can only be described as gorgeous and the rap-laced “Moonrock”   Raver Mag – Let’s start at the beginning. What was the first record you bought with your own money? Qbert – With my own money… it would have to be a Devo record. I was big into Devo back when “Whip It” came out. They were so weird and I was into weird music and stuff. My nickname in middle school was Devo because I liked them so much. I played it like a million times.   RaverMag: You’ve been making music for about twenty-five years. How does it feel to have made music a career? Chocolate Puma: I could’ve never dreamed about it, I actually never did! I just liked making it and all of the sudden lots of other people liked what we did, so okay now we have a career.

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RaverMag: What are some of the things that drive you crazy and some of he things you would like to see more of from the media? EMILY TAN:  I would like to see more independent investigative journalism from the media. Don’t just jump on a news story because you think it’ll get clicks or views. Dig into a story you think is relevant or interesting. Don’t tell me something that merely reinforces my perceived biases; show me insight and a side of the story no one thought of shining a light on before. I’m speaking of the media as a whole.   Raver Mag: What influenced you guys to create your sound as a duo? Ephwurd: I think the reason why we started Ephwurd is that we were trying to do something different. We threw ourselves in the House world without trying to be cheesy and sh***ty. There’s a level of cheese to it coming from the Bass world that doesn’t really fly.     RaverMag: With three successful businesses in the works and a massive influx of growth that is absolutely exploding for you, what’s next for Brandon Geers? Brandon Geers: We would love to expand to a new city soon. I am always meeting people that tell me how bad they need a club like Attic in their town. Venturing to a new city is not as easy as most think. We know the struggles of entering a new market so the time and place will have to be perfect for us, but we see it happening sooner than later.   RaverMag: You just released a brand new track, "Junkie," featuring Nevve & Monstre — what was it like working on that collaboration? Kill Paris: It was really fun! Nevve and I wrote the lyrics very quickly. I had an idea of what I wanted to say before we started writing, and it all just kind of came together.  

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  “The music was infectious and the energy was warm, a trait very common to Dirtybird events which prides itself on the feeling of familiarity and inclusion.” “In between sets, Justin Martin and Claude Von Stroke would take breaks from eating the mouthwatering BBQ provided by the legendary Grillson to take pictures with ravers over the backstage rail.”      

“I like all different kinds of music, so I think that comes across in my work. It’s very eclectic. When you listen to my music, you can tell it’s all very different. I listen to a lot of metal, and a lot of Trance. I incorporate all that into my own work,” Montalvo explained.


Raver Mag: You guys have played at Tomorroworld, Counterpoint Music, Artist Festival and Atlanta’s Imagine Festival (to name a few).Stranger Candy even toured in Japan. What’s the one experience during your travels that has left the most lasting impression? Stranger Candy: We could go on with gig tales for months, but honestly being in a different country and seeing the high regard they held for our music is unbelievably uplifting; watching that universal acceptance of music in play is essentially what we live for. Also, everybody always thinks we’re in a band and Japan was no different!    

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