Restaurants that Rave: Sushi Vogue in Woodbury on Long Island

    Sushi Vogue restaurant
    Sushi Vogue restaurant

    Sushi Vogue in Woodbury is one of the greatest sushi restaurants on Long Island. Tommy Yeh serves as its executive chef.

    It is one of the finest examples of the Asian cuisine in the area, and at every visit, there is always something different to try.

    Some of their notable appetizers include the “Toro Flight,” “Tuna Pizza,” and the “Tuna Tataki.” Being a fan of tuna, the latter two dishes resonated well with this journalist.

    In addition, their “Pork Bao” was a neat specialty dish, which was comprised of pork, tossed walnuts, and red onions. Their “Rock Shrimp” and its presentation were also noteworthy; moreover, their “Fried Calamari

    Several of their unique rolls that stand out include the “Gangman Style Roll” and the “Parfait Roll.”

    Overall, Sushi Vogue is worth checking out in Woodbury on Long Island, and there is something in it for the entire family. It garners two thumbs up.

    For more information on Sushi Vogue, check out its official website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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