Rich Delinquent Unleashes Breathtaking Single ‘1800ifuckedup’ Featuring Bobby Raps

    Rich Delinquent is an up-and-coming artist who is opening new doors across the music industry through his unique style of ’emo-tronic’. The genre seamlessly blends components of EDM with emo-pop. Utilizing symbolism that reflects the evils of pop culture, Rich Delinquent conveys his mental health through his music.

    After debuting his project in 2019, Rich Delinquent has gone on to release mesmerizing singles like “Cocaine Late Nights”, “Death Drive”, and “Forget About Me”. In 2021, he shocked music enthusiasts with the drop of his debut album Sadboi. More than just an auditory marvel, the album envisions Rich Delinquent’s battle with depression and anxiety, and other obstacles he has hurdled throughout his life. The deep sentimental vocals in Sadboi heavily contributed to the pivotal project in Rich Delinquent’s journey as an artist.

    Building on his impressive history of original works, Rich Delinquent returns with his new single “1800ifuckedup”. Flawlessly blending sounds prevalent in the emo, hip-hop, and electronic spaces, “1800ifuckedup” is a song that takes listeners on a wave of emotions. The song features Bobby Raps, a veteran artist who has worked with the likes of Kid Laroi, Post Malone, The Weeknd, and other notable performers.

    Discussing the deeper meaning behind “1800ifuckedup”, Rich Delinquent shares that it’s “about being lost in a city of vices and trying to reach out to the one person who can pull you out of the darkness.” Via “1800ifuckedup” and his past spellbinding projects, Rich Delinquent continues to prove his innovation that’s shaping the future of music.

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