An essential worker during a global pandemic, Australian electronic producer Zeal shines a bright light during some of history’s darkest hours. Amid the chaos and panic occurring worldwide, the innovator not only serves the public through his day-to-day work routine but through his streamlined and carefully-crafted art. His latest track “Time 2 Go” is a 2020 blend of indie-electronic, hip-hop, and alternative-R&B. Orchestrated in the same vein of Porter Robinson and Madeon, “Time 2 Go” simultaneously boasts an underlying signature sound that is unique to his own dexterity. With a glowing neon resonance and retro synth work, this Zeal original is ripe with replay value. A segway to the light at the end of the tunnel, this Australian producer is shaping up to be an exciting act to watch this year and beyond. Listen to “Time 2 Go” today.