A match made in musical heaven, Rob Late and Tianda join forces on a lush “Nothing But Love,” out now via Soave Records. With wide-ranging talents from commercial pop, to electronic, to rock, Late makes music from the heart, and his “Nothing But Love” is a perfect showcase of just that. Riddled with euphoric synths, catchy 808s and a sweltering vocal performance from Canadian songstress Tianda, “Nothing But Love” is an empowering anthem oozing with optimism.

“‘Nothing But Love’ is a fresh, hard-hitting summer anthem about rejecting drama, championing optimism and letting go with grace. I try to capture fun & honesty in my records and ‘Nothing But Love” is the epitome of what those words stand for. I’ve always been a lover of pristine pop production but also slightly dark abrasive sounds that are rough around the edges. Simple instruments, chords and hooks but with complex percussion, rhythms and other elements that confuse the ear in a good way. This record is a prime example of that fusion and pushing the envelope with both simplicity and weirdness is something I always love to do.

I want to make music that even the 16 year old me would want to stream on repeat and to connect with people that might not even be pop fans. Music with good vibes can transcend genres and “Nothing But Love” is loaded to the brim with positivity.” – 
Rob Late

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