Zach Alwin, AKA Roet is the rising Long Beach producer exploring intellectual themes through classic songwriting approaches and alternative electronic soundscapes. Despite being a fresh name in the music industry, Alwin is far from novice. His distinct voice led him to ink a deal singing backup vocals for MAX and Gnash’s widely-celebrated orchestral version of “Lights Down Low.“ A behind-the-scenes visionary and songwriter for heavily rotated musicians, Alwin’s solo project is the center stage for his creativity to shine. Ahead of his forthcoming debut EP 1, Roet delivers “Here For You,” the velvety sophomore single from the project. An immersive listening experience with an ebb and flow of glitchy synths, “Here For You” is a song dedicated to the trials and tribulations that shadow everyday life. In conjunction with the release, Roet has vowed to give half of the streaming royalties to The Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Each verse a psalm and each transition smooth as butter, this heart-warming single proves that EP 1 will follow a righteously similar path- watch this space.